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Free shipping label generator

Effortlessly create shipping labels tailored for your business. Fill in the form and get your custom label in seconds. Smooth shipping ahead!

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More than just a Label

  • Efficient handling

    Streamlines transit processes with clear identification, ensuring smooth sorting and swift delivery.

  • Instant tracking

    Enables real-time monitoring of the package’s location and delivery status for both senders and recipients.

  • Enhanced security

    Incorporates tamper-evident features to preserve package integrity and guarantee a secure journey from sender to recipient.

  • Quick identification

    Offers at-a-glance details, facilitating rapid sorting and efficient handling in the shipping process.

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  • Frequently asked questions
What is a shipping label?

A shipping label is an identification tag containing information about a package. It helps the carrier move the package from the sender to the receiver.

Primarily, the following details feature on a shipping label:
1. Sender details
2. Customer address
3. Shipping date
4. Weight of the package
5. Tracking number

How much does it cost to use the shipping label template?

The shipping label template is free of charge.

What is the standard size of a shipping label?

The standard size of a shipping label is 4 x 6 inches (10 x 15 cm).

How do I obtain a tracking number for my shipment?

Once you generate a shipping label, a tracking number is usually provided. You can use this number to monitor your shipment’s status.

Can I edit the information on a shipping label after it’s been generated?

In most cases, shipping label details cannot be edited after generation. It’s crucial to review and ensure accuracy before finalising the label.