Warehouse Management System (WMS) in India – Pros and Cons

With the start of any business that requires stocking up of inventory, comes the requirement of efficient warehouse management. Nobody has ever mentioned warehouse management to be an easy task to perform. Tasks ranging from inventory control to analyzing incoming freight, warehouse management is a key aspect for any retail business.

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Learn All About The Types of Warehouses & The One That Will Suit Your Business

The concept of warehousing is one of the most important aspects of any business. It might seem to be quite simple for many, however, it has a lot of diversification. There are a variety of warehouses, each having a niche of its own. Various factors such as the industry, location, and business requirements decide the kind of warehousing that’s right for your business.  The type of warehouse you choose, in turn, has a strong impact on order fulfillment, ultimately impacting your customer relations directly. The more orders you fulfill on time, the more satisfaction builds among your customers.

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eCommerce marketing strategies

7 Steps to Formulate the Right eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Figuring out what to sell, how to sell and how to generate traffic is easier said than done. It can take a year or two to have one’s ducks in a row. Marketing an eCommerce store is kind of like nurturing a baby.

Even after getting everything streamlined, there are chances that you could be led off the mark by the next shiny concept in eCommerce. Given the wide range of eCommerce tools and growing competitors, you need to develop a solid eCommerce marketing plan.

The following approach work as a mentor to seed-stage entrepreneurs. It ensures that they spend enough time thinking things through.  

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New eCommerce policy, its benefits and impact on MSMEs

Amid the challenging market scenarios in India, the existence of the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) has shown consistent efforts of resilience. India is turning out to be an overtly transforming nation. MSMEs play a pivotal role in driving the growth engine of the country. The new eCommerce policy 2018 is masterpiece legislation, which will help to create the level playing for all the sellers.

As per reports of the Ministry of MSME, India’s 633.88 lakh non-agricultural MSMEs contributed for over 11 crore jobs in 2015-16 and 28.77% to the Indian GDP in 2017-18. Yet, most of these businesses remain small. But why? What are the biggest hurdles?

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Tips And Tricks To Boost E-commerce Sales

If you have been struggling with the idea of low sales, you have come to the right place.

As an e-commerce seller, sales are your primary target. You can only scale greater heights and make profits if you make a right amount of sales.

However, the graph doesn’t always scale higher, does it? Now and then, your e-commerce business hits a phase of low sales. To make sure you emerge successfully, keep experimenting with these tips and tricks from time to time.

Did you know that e-commerce sales around the world amounted to 2.3 trillion U.S. Dollars this year? By 2021 the amount is projected to increase to almost 4.88 trillion US Dollars. With such a vast audience looking to buy online, you must be prepared to make sure they navigate to your platform.

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