Export Incentive Schemes and Benefits in India

Types of Export Incentives Schemes & Benefits in India

The economy of India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. As a part of the economic reforms, a number of economic policies have been taken which have led to the gradual economic development of the country. Under the reforms, there has been an initiative to improve the condition of exports to other countries. With this regard, the government has taken quite a few initiatives to benefit businesses that are in the export trade. The main objective of these benefits is to simplify the whole export process and make it more flexible. On a broader scale, these reforms have been a blend of both social democratic and liberalization policies.

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eCommerce Marketing Strategies

10 Evergreeen eCommerce Marketing Strategies [Infographic]

Do you own an eCommerce business or startup that is not growing at the pace you think it should be? Are your visitors not converting into customers? Are you still looking for ideas to generate more leads for your online business?

If yes, then these evergreen marketing strategies for eCommerce businesses will certainly help you find an answer to your questions.

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Customs Duty Meaning in India

What is the Meaning of Customs Duty in India and its Types

Customs Duty is a kind of indirect tax that is imposed by the respective government on the imports and exports of goods. Companies that are into the export-import business need to abide by the customs regulations and pay the customs duty as levied by the government. In simple terms, it is a kind of fees that are levied by the customs authorities for the movement of goods and services to and from that country. The tax that is levied for the import of goods is referred to as import duty, while the tax levied on the goods that are exported to some other country is known as export duty.

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eCommerce Logistics Challenges

eCommerce Logistics Challenges [Free PDF Download]

In an eCommerce business where the main impetus is on timely delivery, logistics plays a very pivotal role. Without having a well-developed logistics and shipping process in place, your whole eCommerce business may fall flat in one go. As such, it is imperative that you need to have an idea about how to have a good logistics in place so that the operations are seamless and the scope for risks is minimized to a great extent. With the world turning into a global village and commercial boundaries expanding like never before, the need for logistics is being felt at all quarters in an online business. Still, there are significant challenges that plague logistics in an eCommerce business.

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eCommerce Conversion Optimization Tips

30 eCommerce Conversion Optimization Tips [For 2018]

In an eCommerce business, the right conversion rate plays a major role to maximise your revenue. With the right conversion rate, you can boost your sales and add to your profits. So what exactly is the concept of conversion rate? In simple terms, it denotes the percentage at which your product can be converted to an actual saleable item. In most cases, a good online business will have a conversion rate of around 1% – 2%. With this healthy conversion rate, you can win perspective customers and can enjoy great reach and reception.

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