Magento extensions

7 Magento Extensions You Need To Add To Your Store Right Away!

Started an e-commerce store or looking forward to building one,  using Magento 2.0? Well, It’s a great platform to do so.

Magento is one of the leading platforms you have, to make an e-commerce website. With over 250,000 sellers using Magento to sell, you can definitely rely on it to come up with a stunning website.

Till date, Magento has over 3000 extensions in its marketplace, various themes and a team of recognised partners.

But 3000 extensions! A huge number, isn’t it?

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Expand Your eCommerce Business Globally

International E-Commerce – Expand Your E-Commerce Business Globally

International e-Commerce is growing at a phenomenal rate and is expected to become the primary growth indicator for online retailers.

According to the latest studies, about 1.8 billion people worldwide are expected to become online buyers spending a whopping US$30 trillion by 2025.

Improving technologies across borders and growth of awareness among consumers are the key determinants of augmented online trading.

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Selling Private Label Products Online

Selling Private Label Products Online: The Ultimate Guide

Selling private label products usually applies to established branded items that have mass acceptance. Before the emergence of online avenues, they were sold from retail counters and market stores.

The growth of e-commerce websites has increased the reach of these branded products even farther. Many private label products that had a localized demand got accepted across a much wider platform.

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What Is Cross-Docking? 4 Reasons Why You Must Opt for It

In a competitive market scenario, it is always advisable to adopt ways that increase efficiency and augment customer satisfaction. Cross-docking is one such logistics strategy that reduces delays in shipping and restricts the use of warehouse.

The inventory associated with warehousing is almost eliminated with cross-docking. In supply chain mechanism warehousing plays a significant role which adds to cost component and diminishes competitive advantage.

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Shopping Cart Abandonment

This Is Why Buyers Abandon Shopping Carts

In terms of e-commerce, shopping cart abandonment refers to the process wherein the customer adds items to the shopping cart and decides not to buy them at the last moment. In simple terms, it is like putting the products into the shopping bag but taking them out again during the time of payment.

No doubt it is an unpleasant experience for the online retailer as it reduces the profit margin. In fact, it is extremely common for customers to abandon their shopping carts in e-commerce. There can be different reasons why customers do so. Having an idea of these reasons can help retailers to add more customer-friendly features to their e-commerce store thereby reducing abandonment.

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