Product Round-up: October 2018

In the era of constant shift in technology, ShipRocket is also striving to innovate and improve its platform to make it more accessible, user-friendly and loaded with features.

The ShipRocket panel keeps getting updated with new features routinely, and we believe it is our responsibility to keep you updated with them!

Here is a short update of what went on in ShipRocket in October!

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Introducing Global Shipping (Cross Border Trade)

Shiprocket recently launched it’s global shipping feature to make international e-commerce easier for businesses across India. With international trade becoming easier by the day, ShipRocket now offers you a helping hand to make things easier on the shipping front. Global Shipping by Shiprocket offers individuals and companies a chance to ship their products to USA, UK, Australia and various other countries without any added hassles.

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Monthly Product Roundup : New Channel Integration, Order Imports and Much More – August 2018

ShipRocket is constantly on the move to make your shipping smooth and hassle-free. Thus, to do so we keep updating our product to always match up to your requirements and keep your experience more sorted than ever.

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Monthly Update – Daily Digest and New Courier Variants: June 2018

At ShipRocket, we are constantly improving our platform and equipping it with features to help you combat the daily struggles of managing your E-commerce business. Ultimately, we want your business to run smoothly and make sure your products reach your customers without any hindrance.

So this month, we have come up with some new features that will help you ship easily and manage your business at your convenience. Keep reading to gather more insight!

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eCommerce Multi-Pickup Locations Feature

Multi-Pickup Locations Feature for eCommerce Businesses

eCommerce and online business have become a significant part of the retail business across the world. With more emphasis on seamless delivery of goods across vast geographical locations, the need for multi-pickup locations is being felt for better reach and reception. In simple terms, multi-pick locations feature enables the sellers to define more than one pick up locations so that the shipping agents are able to pick up the shipment from there. This is a feature provided by the shipping companies for the sellers. If managed properly, it can be a feasible option both from the point of view of the seller as well as the shipping agent.

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