Product Highlights From December 2022

Product Updates December 2022

As we bid goodbye to the year 2022, it’s hard to believe how quickly time has flown by. But for exceptional sellers like yourself, the end of the year also marks the beginning of a new chapter filled with endless opportunities for growth and success. Here at Shiprocket, we are constantly working to provide the best-selling experience to you, and we’re excited to share our latest updates, improvements, and announcements with you in this month’s roundup. Keep reading to see how we’re enhancing your overall experience with us!

Improved Tracking Page for Customer Satisfaction

The redesigned tracking page is coming soon to provide a more comprehensive experience beyond simply tracking orders. This update aims to reduce the number of inquiries about order status, increase revenue, and improve customer loyalty.

New features added:

  • Tracking page analytics dashboard
  • A header and footer bar for announcements
  • You can sync your Instagram account with one click and display your Instagram feed on the tracking page.
  • You can add your product video URL to the tracking page to promote your best-selling products.
  • You can easily upload the fav icon and web title for the tracking page.

How will an improved tracking page help you?

  • Reduce “where is my order” queries by 65%
  • Reduce support cost by 45%
  • Increase repeat purchases by 15%
  • Better your NPS by 2X

Pricing: There will be a charge of Rs. 1.99 for each shipment processed.

Check out What’s New in your Shiprocket App

Add and Process International Shipments

You have the convenience of being able to easily add and process all of your international shipments directly from your mobile app.

Enable RTO Score Feature

We’ve also added the RTO Score feature to the mobile app, so you can easily enable this feature for your account right from your mobile phone. This feature helps you make informed decisions about eliminating the risk of RTO for all your shipments.

With the help of 10 billion data points, we will help you identify each of your shipments with RTO Score so that you can easily make a decision to eliminate the risk of RTO for your shipments. 

With this, you’re going to: 

✅ Make profitable decisions.

✅ Minimize the risk by reviewing potential RTO Orders. 

✅ Tackle RTO-related challenges efficiently.

✅ Save your logistics cost. 

✅ Improve delivery success rate.

Pricing Detail:

  • You will be charged just 2.49+GST per order.
  • You will be charged only for Low RTO Risk and High RTO Risk on your orders. (Zero charges applied on Medium and N/A Score)

Raise Pickup Escalation From The Home Screen

One of the latest updates to our Shiprocket app is the ability to raise escalation from the home screen. We’ve added the option to view and escalate orders that are delayed for pickup right from the home screen, saving you the hassle of manually navigating to the escalation screen.

RTO Score to Improve Delivery Success Rate

We introduced the RTO (Return to Origin) Score feature to improve the delivery success rate of your shipments. This feature will help you easily make a decision to eliminate the risk of RTO for your shipments with low and high RTO Prediction, which leads you ultimately to save freight charges and GMV (Gross merchandise value). 

Let’s take a look at how Shiprocket will help you to reduce the RTO of your COD Shipments!

High: The High RTO alert means that the probability of the shipment being RTO is very high, and you should reconsider your COD Shipment once again, as the buyer seems to be the least genuine.

Low: Low RTO means that the probability of the shipment being RTO is less, and you can give the go-ahead for your COD shipment as the buyer seems to be more genuine.

Pricing: You will be charged just 2.49+GST per order. Charges are applied only for Low RTO Risk and High RTO Risk on your orders. (Zero charges applied on Medium and N/A Score)

Note: Charges are subject to change.

What’s New in Shiprocket X

A Separate International Order Flow

For a more streamlined experience, we’ve implemented a separate order flow specifically for international orders. This helps you easily identify and manage your international orders.

Added Filter for Orders

We’ve also added filters for international orders, including a filter for the delivery country and a general filter for easier identification of your orders. These filters allow you to quickly find the information you need without having to scroll through long lists.

Filter for Delivery Country

A delivery country filter has been implemented for international orders for easier identification of the designated delivery country without the need to scroll down to the bottom of the drop-down.

Final Takeaway!

Overall, these updates and improvements are designed to make your selling experience even easier and more efficient. We hope you find them useful as you continue to grow and succeed in the eCommerce world. Keep an eye out for more updates and announcements in the future!

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