Your guide to starting an international business

7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Starting Your International Business From India

In 1996, when eCommerce first started in India, nobody could guess that it would grow exponentially. Today, after almost 25 years, eCommerce has become one of the key contributors to all retail sales. Indian sellers are also selling their products abroad, and the entire world is a vast global marketplace. 

According to Statista, In 2018, an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide purchased goods online. That means the market is growing at a fast pace, and this is a great time to join the bandwagon and target an untapped market that is equally eager to purchase your products. Let’s look at some of the considerations you must keep in mind before starting your international eCommerce business!

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Comparison between Zipping and Shiprocket

Zipping vs Shiprocket – Brief Comparison To Choose The Best Shipping Solution

With the evolution of eCommerce, various solutions are coming up in the market. These solutions aim to reduce shipping efforts for businesses and make order fulfillment a hassle-free task for you. But, as options increase, so does the confusion. How effective is each of them? Which solution is best for your business? Will your shipments be delivered smoothly with the software you select? Many pressing questions that require undivided attention. And to sort these concerns once and for all, we bring to you a comparison between two shipping solutions – Shiprocket & Zipping. Let’s find out which one is better for your business!

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Shiprocket’s Monthly Round-Up: Updates That Propelled June!

It’s a new month and we at Shiprocket are back with some amazing updates. We aim to make your shipping much easier by reducing time and improving processing by adding some powerful elements to an all-around shipping platform. 

Let’s read further to know what these updates have in store for you!

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Process for trademark registration

The Ultimate Guide To Online Trademark Registration In India

It’s great having your own company, but building a brand is what requires real hard work. You put in a lot of thought to come up with a brand name and ways to establish your identity in the market. But all this effort will be of no use if you do not get it registered. A brand without registration is just an idea shared with the world. So going through the process, brand registration becomes imperative. 

The question here is not if, but how! 

How do you get your brand trademarked? Let’s find out.

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Tricks to Upsell and cross sell your products

5 Upselling and Cross-selling Techniques Nobody Will Tell You About [With Examples]

You have successfully created your eCommerce website & fortunately, it is gathering significant momentum. But, for how long? Can an initial ignition keep the fire burning all along? Think again. That is when you summon engaging marketing techniques and work around with them to acquire and retain new customers. Upselling and cross-selling your products are also strategies, designed to bring in more business and grow the already existing base. Let’s dig deeper to get a better idea about these terms.

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