Cash on delivery by Amazon

All You Need To Know About Amazon’s Cash on Delivery Service

Cash on delivery is one of the most sought after methods of payment in India. Since eCommerce is still in its initial phases, people prefer paying when they receive their orders. Also, the knowledge about prepaid payments is not widespread across the country. Hence, cash on delivery takes the upper hand. Like we already know, Amazon is a leading marketplace in India, and most sellers are affiliated with it. Naturally, you will be curious about the cash on delivery service offered by Amazon, so you can seamlessly go about it. Read on to learn more about this service.

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Proven techniques to improve on site conversion rate

Top 10 Techniques To Boost On-Site Conversion For Your eCommerce Business

Have you been through the wrath of declining sales while you have no idea what to do?

Are you sure you tried to look closer?

Well, the answer to the decline in numbers lies within your eCommerce website and business strategy! You need to constantly optimize your website so you can be more relevant for your buyers and prompt them to buy your products.

Let’s see what you can do to improve these conversion numbers and take them to a greater level altogether.

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StorePep vs Shiprocket – A Fair Comparison Between Shipping Solutions

When it comes to eCommerce shipping, you leave no stone unturned to make is as seamless as possible. In today’s progressive world, you have several tools to simplify this process. The only catch is choosing the best one! So, to make this selection easy for you, we have a brief comparison between Shiprocket and StorePep. Both are shipping automation tools that help you streamline shipping for your eCommerce business! Let’s dive right into it.

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enhance customer's shipping experience using this tool

Improve Customer Experience Using Custom Order Tracking

Sellers are steadily catching up on the idea that it makes a good business strategy to customize the experiences of customers. Times have changed. Big eCommerce players are now using technology to deliver customer experiences as per their customers’ tastes and preferences.

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Brand marketing to increase ecommerce sales

How Does Branding Contribute To Increasing eCommerce Sales

Behind every successful business, there is an idea that shaped it. Therefore, you need to give your business a vision and representation that aligns with this idea. Since eCommerce is growing to become the primary mode of purchase among users, you need to make sure products and the perception of these products is evident in your customer’s mind. This is where branding comes into play! Let’s dwell further to see what branding is and how it is useful for increasing eCommerce sales.

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