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Leading International Courier Services in Surat

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

April 5, 2024

7 min read

Surat is a hub of diamond cutting and polishing industry. The number of companies operating in the chemical dying sector, equipment manufacturing, printing equipment, and pharmaceutical sectors is also growing in the city. Many of them are expanding their reach by entering the global market. The demand for international courier services in Surat is thus growing. 

To build a good reputation among your international clients, it is important to deliver their orders timely and efficiently. Partnering with reputable couriers is crucial in this regard. To help you find a reliable international courier service provider, we have compiled a list of top couriers in Surat. Read on to find out!

International Courier Services in Surat

Couriers in Surat Offering Unparalleled International Shipping Service

Here is a look at the top international courier services in Surat:


DTDC is a trusted name in Surat. Many business owners in the city rely on this courier company to fulfill their international courier requirements. A global logistics leader, DTDC is known for its widespread network and use of high-technology software systems that facilitate excellent courier service. The DTDC Express office in Surat enables sending bulk couriers to more than 220 international locations. It has tie-ups with various international partners that help manage the task efficiently. DTDC also has offices in different parts of the world. You can send time-sensitive couriers using its Premium Express service. Other services offered by the renowned courier company are Priority Express, eCommerce Solutions, Freight Forwarding and Import Express.

Orbit Express

Orbit Express has been helping businesses fulfill their courier needs for almost two decades. It has helped several businesses in Surat expand their reach in the international market by offering reliable consignment shipping. The company is known for offering seamless services at cost-effective rates. Air cargo, sea cargo, rail cargo, warehousing, freight forwarding, customs clearance and supply chain management are among the services it offers. Its door-to-door services provide convenience. You can use its air cargo service to ship your goods to various international locations safely and swiftly. Orbit Express allows you to track your international shipments as they move across borders.

Surat International Courier and Cargo Services

Surat International Courier has earned goodwill in the market by offering reliable courier service. You can send international couriers to various locations worldwide using its services. It provides door-to-door service for the convenience of its customers. The employees at Surat International Courier pick up your couriers at the time given to you and deliver them to your desired destinations within the mentioned time frame. Your couriers are monitored during the transit to ensure they reach their destination safely.

Express Parcel

Established in 2010, Express Parcel has been helping several big and small companies in Surat send international couriers for more than a decade. The company has helped several businesses ship different types of goods to various global destinations. You can courier electronic items, medicines, documents, industrial goods, chemicals, jewellery and food items safely to various international locations using Express Parcel service. With Express Parcel, You can track your couriers online as they are shipped to different destinations overseas.

The Professional Couriers

The Professional Couriers has offices in all the major Indian cities including Surat. It has a well-defined system for receiving international courier requests, processing them and shipping the couriers to their respective destinations. Each parcel is packed securely and shipped carefully to ensure it reaches its destination safely and on time. The renowned courier company enables you to track your shipments in real-time. Businesses can use its Global Express service to send different kinds of shipments to various parts of the world. It also provides an exclusive international courier service for students. Termed as University Express, this service helps deliver university applications in a timely and hassle-free manner. 


DHL offers international courier service to numerous places worldwide. It has helped several businesses in Surat create a strong presence in different foreign lands. The company boasts a team of experts who are well-versed in managing various steps of the courier delivery process. From receiving packages to sorting them in order and shipping them to their respective international destinations – each step is managed efficiently. The use of new-age technology helps in carrying out all the processes smoothly. You can send medicines, documents and food items to international destinations using its service. DHL is known for the lowest international courier charges in the industry. It provides hassle-free online booking for international couriers.

Chips International Courier

This is another reliable courier agency in Surat. It is known for its expertise in international courier and logistics. The company uses innovative supply chain technology to deliver your couriers on time. It sends your couriers by air, road as well as ocean to different domestic and international locations. The company boasts the use of the latest monitoring and processing applications to send your couriers promptly and efficiently. Besides, the company is known for its flexible and transparent pricing policy which has further led to its popularity among businesses in Surat. The airfreight division of Chips International provides personalised logistics solutions. You can avail of its full air charter service for large air shipments. A manager is sent along with it to ensure a safe transit.

Blue Dart

Whether you want to send commercial courier, corporate courier or bulk courier to international destinations, Blue Dart can help with all these needs. It sends couriers to 228 locations worldwide. When you opt for its international courier service, it picks your packages from your location, gets them cleared through customs and delivers them to the consignee. The company is known for using the latest digital technologies and tools to streamline its operations and offer high-quality services. It ships your couriers safely maintaining their confidentiality and ensures that it reaches its destination on time. You can track your shipment in real time on the company’s app or website. You may even enquire about the same at its customer care. The customer care executives at Blue Dart answer the queries promptly and register your requests to take timely action.

The Growing Demand For International Couriers in Surat

Surat is known for its booming economy. More than 41,000 companies are reportedly running in the city. With diamond cutting, pharmaceutical, chemical dying, printing, equipment manufacturing and various other businesses witnessing growth in the city and trying to spread their reach overseas, the demand for international courier service in Surat is on the rise.

ShiprocketX: The Experts in International Shipping

ShiprocketX has tied up with many leading courier companies in Surat to provide reliable international courier services to individuals as well as businesses. If you are looking for quality international courier service in Surat then seeking assistance from ShiprocketX is a good idea. It enables you to ship items falling under different categories to more than 220 international locations. The company aligns your business with the most suitable courier partner to fulfill your requirements. ShiprocketX ensures you get reliable service at the most cost-effective price. You can ship your goods through express and standard courier modes using the ShiprocketX service. It picks orders from anywhere in the country and sends them to various locations around the world.


As more and more businesses in Surat are building their customer base in the overseas market, the number of courier companies is also increasing in the city. DTDC, DHL, Chips International Courier, Orbit Express, Surat International Courier and Cargo Services and Blue Dart are among the top international courier services in Surat. They offer different types of courier services to match the needs of different clients. These companies use the latest tools to process requests and deliver shipments efficiently. You can also seek assistance from a 3PL partner like ShiprocketX to fulfill your international courier needs. They align you with the most suitable courier agency in Surat to help you send couriers to various global destinations.

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