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Launch Your Amazon FBA Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

April 5, 2024

10 min read

Do you want to increase the size of your eCommerce business, save money on operating costs, and save time? Then, the FBA program offered by Amazon is one of the options to scale your business. It provides an efficient method of inventory management and order fulfillment, helping merchants expand their businesses and distribute their products. 

An Amazon FBA business account may help merchants gain a huge customer base and earnings. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced business owner at Amazon FBA, it will help you scale your sales. 

To launch a business on the platform, 69% of sellers spend less than USD 5,000. 89% of Amazon sellers use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program and 32% of merchants additionally utilise the Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). Compared to non-FBA sellers, FBA merchants reported an average 20%–25% increase in sales. 

Here, we’ll learn how to start a profitable Amazon FBA business.

Amazon FBA business Guide

Amazon FBA Business: Learn in Detail

Fulfillment by Amazon, or Amazon FBA, is a service that makes eCommerce sales easier. As a component of the Amazon Supply Chain, FBA offers a range of services. Amazon handles the packing, shipping, and storage of your goods when you select FBA. This service provides an opportunity for individuals and small and large businesses to enhance their online sales process. Sellers can use Amazon’s infrastructure to cut expenses, increase sales, and concentrate on company development.

Different Amazon Business Models

Some of the popular Amazon business models are detailed below:

Retail Arbitrage:

Buying discounted products from local retailers and reselling them on Amazon for a profit is known as retail arbitrage. This model is simple and easy that any beginner in online retail business can start. 

Retail arbitrage is a budget-friendly option. You have control over price and inventory quality. It enables you to increase your inventory and sales over time. 

Online Arbitrage:

Online arbitrage is similar to retail arbitrage. In this method, goods are sourced through online marketplaces. This allows you to work from any location, which gives flexibility and convenience.

A wide range of online merchants are at your disposal, which broadens your sourcing options. This will also help you to compare and locate better prices. Using online arbitrage you can effortlessly operate your online store remotely. 


Purchasing goods in huge quantities from wholesalers and reselling them on Amazon is known as wholesale business. Bulk purchases can cover stock requirements for a longer period, reducing time spent on sourcing products and potentially boosting sales. 

Wholesale offers a constant revenue stream. Although it requires a high initial investment, it offers the potential for long-term profit, growth, and scalability.

Private Label:

Selling unbranded goods on Amazon under your brand is known as private labelling. It gives you the chance to establish a distinctive brand identity and branding chances.

By controlling branding and product originality, you can put an original product in the online marketplace with the help of a private label. You can stand out from competitors and create brand loyalty through your customers.


Dropshipping is the process of selling things to a company that manages inventories and ships them. It involves lower operating expenses and enables the generation of passive income. You don’t have to worry about acquiring and shipping products and managing inventory. You can focus on sales and customer service.


Handmade refers to making one-of-a-kind items from scratch and selling them on Amazon. Handmade goods are appealing and provide you with complete control over the design and quality. 

It gives you freedom of creativity and the ability to serve consumers who are looking for unique handcrafted products. 

Launching a Successful Amazon FBA Business: Strategies For Sellers!

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to help you launch a successful business using Amazon FBA:

Research and Find Products in Demand

  • Before setting up Amazon FBA, conduct a thorough market analysis to identify high-demand goods that can produce profits and align effectively with the current trends.
  • Use tools on Amazon seller’s site to conduct product research to examine important factors like product ratings, pricing, and categories.

This strategy makes sure that you make well-informed decisions that lay a strong basis for the success of your company.

Open Your Amazon Seller Central Account

Following these steps will help you build a solid foundation for your Amazon FBA business.

  • Go to amazon.com and choose ‘Amazon Seller’
  • Based on your requirements, select either ‘Sell as an Individual’ or ‘Sell as a Professional’. 
  • Enter the required information to create your account
  • Your account can be improved by adding Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) 
  • Use Seller Central features to optimise listings, manage inventory, and track sales. 
  • Stay up to date on Amazon’s seller policies for long-term success

Source Your Product

Establishing a successful Amazon FBA business requires a meticulous approach to the sourcing of goods. This process involves locating a reliable goods supplier, which is crucial for your Amazon FBA business. Ensure Make sure you have all the information you need, including the supplier’s name and the product’s specifications. Take your time looking for vendors who can deliver high-quality items. Once you’ve found the right seller, get clarification on any questions or concerns you may have. It’s advisable to establish a system to guarantee the product quality. Always compare supplier prices and negotiate for the greatest offer. 

Create Your Brand Identity

Here are a few tips to create a brand identity for your Amazon FBA business:

  • Start by setting goals and creating value for your brand
  • Conduct in-depth market research to understand your target market
  • Create an engaging brand narrative that tells your brand’s background, goals, and core principles.
  • To stand out in the market, create a unique logo, high-quality content, and brand identity.
  • Use social media channels to create an online presence and broaden the reach of your business
  • Seek client input to enhance your brand identity according to the recent trends in the market. 

List Your Products in Your Amazon Seller Account

A proper listing will help boost the visibility of your brand and products. This increases your chances of success in this competitive business. To efficiently list your things on Amazon, follow these guidelines:

  • Log into your Amazon Seller Central account
  • Choose the inventory menu and select the “Add product” menu item.
  • Click “Create a new product listing” and select a category that fits. 
  • Add the product’s information, such as images, videos, bullet points, titles, and descriptions.
  • Use smart keywords and engaging content to increase visibility and attract customers.
  • When all the necessary changes have been made, click “Save and Finish” to publish your listing on Amazon.

Promote and Grow Your Business

To have a thriving Amazon FBA business, you need to advertise and brand your goods and services. You can use social media networking, sponsored listings on Amazon, promotions, special offers, and Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services to attract new clients.

Utilise FBA to Sell Your Products

You can take advantage of several services provided by Amazon FBA to market your items, including:

  • For your online business, you can trust Amazon FBA to take care of customer service, shipping, packing, and storage.
  • Selling on Amazon Prime allows you to attract more customers and increase your profit margin by offering free two-day shipping.
  • Use your seller account to improve product listings and other details related to your product.
  • Utilise seller tools available to you through the Amazon FBA program to track sales and inventory. Adhere to platform policies and customer service requirements.

How Amazon Manages Your Order?

Here are the procedures by which Amazon handles orders in the FBA process once you ship your goods to their warehouses:

  • Placement of Orders: Customers make orders for your products on the Amazon marketplace.
  • Order processing: Amazon takes care of the customer’s payment after the order is placed.
  • Stock Check: Amazon checks its warehouses to see if your products are in stock.
  • Packing: Amazon ensures that products are packed securely to prevent any damage during transit, ensuring a positive customer experience upon delivery.
  • Shipping: Using their vast logistical network, Amazon arranges for the efficient and timely delivery of orders to customers’ addresses.
  • Tracking: Customers receive tracking information with their orders, allowing them to monitor the progress of their delivery and anticipate its arrival.
  • Delivery: Orders are delivered directly to customers by designated courier services, ensuring prompt and reliable delivery.
  • Customer Service: Amazon handles all customer inquiries, issues, returns, and refunds related to the order. Thus, they provide comprehensive support, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Payment: After deducting any applicable fees, Amazon disburses the sales proceeds to the seller’s bank account every two weeks. They ensure seamless and transparent payment processing.

How to Keep On Your Amazon FBA Business After Getting Established?

Once your Amazon FBA business is up and going, follow these guidelines to maintain its expansion:

  1. To maintain a profitable Amazon FBA business, adapt your market strategy according to the market’s developments. You can use various AI technologies for market analysis. 
  1. Invest in email marketing, social media advertising, and other channels to expand your consumer base and attract new ones.
  1. To effectively manage high-demand periods, make changes in the schedule of your marketing activities and inventory procurement accordingly.
  1. Build trustworthy relationships with suppliers. This will help you negotiate better terms and obtain access to exclusive deals.
  1. Use software to manage your finances more efficiently. This will ensure financial growth and stability.
  1. Stay ahead of the competition by adapting to changes in the Amazon marketplace, including policy changes and shifts in consumer behaviour.

What is the Scope of Starting an Amazon FBA Business in 2024?

In 2024, as a seller looking to start an Amazon FBA business, here’s what you need to know:

  • Integration of AI

Chatbots and other AI technologies are revolutionising eCommerce. To stay ahead of the competition, use AI to obtain insightful knowledge and deliver individualised experiences.

  • AI Chatbots for Customer Service

AI chatbots will be used more often to handle consumer inquiries. Incorporating AI chatbots into your customer service strategy can help you increase productivity and streamline operations.

  • Social media integration for eCommerce

These networks will provide greater eCommerce efficiency, enabling you to connect with customers directly through their feeds.

  • More Retailers Choosing Amazon

Major retailers are seeing the possibilities of selling on Amazon, so more are choosing to do business with them. Optimising your listings and utilising AI techniques will be essential to succeed in the face of increased competition on the platform.


Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) gives sellers access to Amazon’s extensive client base and infrastructure, which completely changes the way they do business online. As an Amazon FBA seller, you can take advantage of Amazon’s extensive global network of fulfillment centers. This enables you to get competitive delivery options, such as free shipping for all consumers or free two-day shipping for Prime members. With the help of Amazon FBA services, you can invest your time in other important aspects of your business, such as product development, marketing, etc. When combined with a long-term strategy, FBA offers the fastest growth potential in online sales. Even though Amazon is offering a beneficial service like FBA, nearly 6% of the sellers on the platform do not use this service. They depend on other trustworthy logistics service providers like CargoX for their product shipping. Shiprocket’s CargoX serves more than 100 overseas destinations and provides swift and timely B2B deliveries.

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