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Choosing the Perfect Brand Influencer: Key Criteria


Vijay Kumar

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

April 9, 2024

9 min read

‘Social media influencer’ is now a buzzword and many businesses nowadays are making use of the influencers’ popularity to market their brand’s products and services.  Social media has become increasingly important and Influencers on these platforms have established themselves as well-known figures in this online community. There are many benefits and opportunities for organisations in the quickly growing field of influencer marketing. As a result, influencers have several chances to grow, such as the chance to collaborate with businesses, communicate with their fan base, and distribute content they are passionate about.

Since 2019, the size of the worldwide influencer marketing market has more than tripled. The market is predicted to grow to a record-breaking value of USD 24 billion in 2024.

Here is a guide to finding the right brand influencer for your business and how to reach out and successfully collaborate with them to boost the growth of your business.

Who is Considered a Social Media Influencer?

Influencers on social media have made a name for themselves online as experts on particular subjects or fields. They use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to share their knowledge with a devoted fan base. By regularly producing and sharing different content such as photos, videos, or written pieces in a variety of media, influencers can sustain engagement and build trust with their audience.

As opposed to a traditional commercial, followers view recommendations from influencers for goods or services as personal suggestions. As a result, the audience finds a connection in the promotional content, which seems more genuine.

By working with influencers, companies can highly engage an audience that fits their target market. This can help in raising brand recognition among potential consumers. 

The collaboration with brands provides influencers with monetary remuneration or other benefits. It encourages a win-win alliance in digital marketing since it is a symbiotic connection where both sides have something to gain.

How do Brand Influencers Play a Part in Business Growth?

Here are the ways in which brand influencers help your business grow:

  • Promoting Your Brand Without Coming Off As Salesy: Influencers can subtly incorporate your brand into their content. This strategy lets your company get an online presence without coming off as a forceful commercial and seems genuine to the audience.
  • Enhancing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with High-Quality Backlinks: By referencing your brand in their video and including a link to your website, influencers can help you boost your website’s organic traffic and search engine rankings.
  • Increasing Your Social Media Presence: By collaborating with influencers, you can reach wider social media users.
  • Increasing Brand Authority: You can boost the credibility and authority of your brand by working with influencers who are professionals in your field. Followers are more inclined to appreciate and trust your company when influencers support it.
  • Gaining Customer Trust and Loyalty: When influencers promote your business, their followers will develop a sense of trust and loyalty. Your target audience can become more self-assured and devoted as a result.
  • Increasing the Probability of Going Viral: Content created by influencers has a greater likelihood of becoming viral, which may greatly raise brand awareness and draw in new clients.
  • Enhancing  Brand Recognition: Influencers who have large and engaged followers can assist in maintaining and enhancing the reputation of your company.
  • Developing into a Content-Rich company: Working with influencers enables you to produce high-quality content that connects with your audience. This will make your company appear trustworthy as a vital information source.

Finding the Perfect Fit: Criteria For Selecting Brand Influencer

When selecting the perfect influencer for your brand, it’s crucial to consider several aspects to ensure a successful partnership. Here are some criteria to keep in mind:

  1. Context: Verify that the influencer’s audience and content complement your brand’s ideal customers. Choose influencers whose preferences and interests fit nicely with the services you provide. 
  1. Follower Numbers: Consider both macro- and micro-influencers when calculating follower numbers. While macro-influencers have a bigger following, micro-influencers have greater engagement rates and are more cost-effective.
  1. Engagement Rate: Pay more attention to the influencer’s engagement rate than to the number of their followers. A high rate of engagement suggests a participatory and engaged audience that is more likely to be impacted by the material.
  1. Content Quality: Examine the influencer’s prior work to judge its calibre, style, and compatibility with your brand’s principles. Check their posts for consistency, creativity, and sincerity. 
  1. Promotional Balance: To retain credibility and keep from coming off as spammy to your audience, ensure that the influencer strikes a balance between journalistic and promotional material.
  1. Network and Personality: Take into account the influencer’s professionalism, personality, and industry network. Select influencers with a good reputation who are dependable and responsive.
  1. Platform Preferences: Choose influencers whose chosen platforms fit nicely with your target demographic and campaign objectives. To maximise efficacy, take into account the distinct attributes and demographics of each platform’s audience.
  1. Authenticity and Value: Collaborate with influencers who share your beliefs and connect with your business. 
  1. Content Frequency and Dependability: To guarantee timely and consistent delivery of sponsored content, evaluate the influencer’s posting frequency and dependability.
  1. Examine the authenticity and pertinence of the influencer’s audience to make sure they are real. Keep an eye out for questionable following behaviours, engagement, or fraudulent followers.

Find the ideal influencer to market your brand to the proper audience and generate significant results for your company. By carefully weighing the above-mentioned factors and carrying out in-depth research, you can find your ideal influencer.

Reaching Out to Influencers: The Strategic Way 

The tactful ways to reach out to influencers after identifying your perfect partner are:

Direct Social Media Messaging:

Consider utilising direct messaging on social media sites like Twitter or Instagram to get in touch with influencers. Influencers frequently monitor their social media communications, so there’s a good chance that your message will be seen right away. You can also personalise your outreach and build a more sincere relationship with influencers by using social media messaging because of its casual character.

Email Promotion:

Using email to contact influencers is another effective communication strategy. For brands hoping to build a social presence, it’s a more official and structured manner to interact with influencers. You can effortlessly reach out to several influencers at once, saving time and effort. 

Utilising Influencer Marketing Platforms:

Utilise influencer marketing platforms for streamlined outreach campaigns. These platforms offer centralised dashboards to monitor email performance indicators and gain insights into the efficacy of your outreach efforts. 

Like and comment on their posts, to cultivate the possibility of fruitful partnerships. This is how you can showcase real interest and differentiate your approach from bulk emails.

How to Form a Good Collaboration With Influencers?

The following are the ways by which your brand can form a good and effective collaboration with an influencer :

  • Examine possibilities for co-branded products: Collaborate with influencers to develop unique products or services that appeal to your target market, then leverage their expertise and audience’s trust to increase sales.
  • Engage influencers in the creation of worthwhile content by inviting them to participate in interviews, guest blogs, and podcasts.
  • Plan events: To foster relationships and provide influencers with an opportunity to produce content and engage with your target audience, invite them to events or get-togethers, whether they be offline or online.
  • Utilise influencer whitelisting: An influencer may also be added to a brand partner’s social media accounts by using the influencer whitelisting method. This enables marketers to utilise the influencer’s handle in their advertisements.
  • Organise exciting giveaways: Collaborate with influencers to organise giveaways or competitions that will increase audience involvement and enthusiasm while increasing brand awareness.
  • Partner to develop creative contest concepts: Work together with influencers to develop engaging competitions and user-generated content.
  • Utilise product seeding: By distributing your product to influencers for free in exchange for publicity, you can boost your brand’s credibility.

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Social media influencers are important marketing assets, contributing to improving brand visibility, exposure, and SEO results. A brand’s authority and reputation may also be improved by their attention and input. To reduce the possibility of contract disputes and reputational harm, influencers must be carefully chosen. When you partner with influencers who share your goals and beliefs, working together could prove beneficial for your company. 

Influencer marketing strategies require careful message crafting, effective outreach management, and reaction tracking to be successful. To get the best outcomes, it is essential to carefully organise and carry out your influencer outreach.

How can ideal influencers be found?

You can find ideal influencers by following the below tips:
Make use of social listening resources
Examine the architecture of your network
Prioritise quality over quantity
Talk to possible influencers
Assess and improve your approach to influencers

When it comes to recognising influencers, which three Rs are helpful?

Discovering prominent people who fit your consumer persona isn’t easy, yet they exist in every business. The three R’s- relevance, reach, and resonance are crucial considerations when selecting a social media influencer.

How are KPIs for influencers set?

You would want to track key performance indicators (KPIs) like brand mentions, referrals, and loyalty if you collaborate with micro-influencers who have a devoted and specialised following. You can track KPIs like reach, impressions, and awareness if you collaborate with macro-influencers with a sizable following.

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