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Leading International Courier Services in Ludhiana

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

April 3, 2024

10 min read

A bustling city in the state of Punjab, Ludhiana has a rich cultural heritage and an enthralling history dating back centuries. This city is popularly known as the “Manchester of India” and is a roaring industrial hub. Ludhiana is a major center of trade and commerce and this necessitates the service of international couriers in the city.

The need for international courier services in Ludhiana is growing by the day as more eCommerce businesses expand their horizons to international borders. This article will shed light on the most compelling international courier services in Ludhiana and their peculiar features for eCommerce businesses dealing in international trade.

International Courier Services in Ludhiana

Courier Services in Ludhiana Providing Swift Cross-Border Shipping

Many leading international courier services in Ludhiana provide top-class services and help eCommerce businesses expand their international presence. Below is a list of some of the top players in the international shipping sector in Ludhiana. 

The Express Courier & Cargo

Serving a wide customer base since 2015, Express Courier & Cargo is an expert in providing businesses with international and domestic courier services in Ludhiana. They possess a proficient and dedicated team of international shipping professionals who stay connected with customers and keep them informed about the progress throughout the shipment process. They efficiently handle all the shipment issues and procedures along the way. 

The Express Courier & Cargo employs many state-of-the-art techniques and a solid trace and track system for cross-border shipping. The unique features of this prominent courier company in Ludhiana include a guarantee of satisfaction and reliability. They are a one-stop shop for all customer needs and also provide:

  • Parcel packaging services
  • Free pickup facility from the doorstep
  • Hefty discounts on a few selected special deliveries


Talwar Communication

Having their foot set in the city since 1990, Talwar Communication is among the largest courier companies in Ludhiana. The company provides businesses with top-tier personalised courier and cargo services. They have evolved into a premier international and domestic courier service provider over time, offering exclusive facilities like import or export and reverse pickup. 

The company has also earned considerable goodwill for being the most reliable handler of freight, couriers, packages, and money exchange services while serving big cities in India and worldwide. They function as a trustworthy intermediary in money exchange services, specifically for expatriate Indians living in Gulf countries. Moreover, you’ll find excellent transportation facilities, such as a dedicated cargo fleet, which allows them to handle tasks autonomously and promptly. Their unique attributes as a leading international courier service in Ludhiana include free quotes and 33 years of shipping expertise.


  • International Courier Services
  • Airport Transfer
  • Domestic Courier Services 
  • Package Delivery Services

DHL Express

Established in 1969, DHL Express is known as a premier international courier service in Ludhiana offering a wide spectrum of express parcel and package services. They provide customised shipping and tracking solutions to fulfill a business’s shipping requirements. They have an extensive team of over 400,000 shipping professionals working to create a smooth flow of logistics for international shipping. 

The company has a solid global presence and places a high value on ambition, diversity, and a collaborative go-getter attitude. They simplify the international logistics landscape and provide completely flexible arrangements to accommodate emergency shipments. DHL Express is adept at catering to diverse customer needs and has a broad spectrum of express parcel services and tracking solutions at its disposal. 

The company has many special features like:

  • A worldwide shipping network including 220 foreign destinations
  • Real-time shipment tracking
  • 50+ years of experience


  • Import Services
  • Export Services
  • Road and Rail Freight
  • Ocean Freight 
  • Day-Definite Delivery
  • Goods Transportation Facilities
  • Document and Parcel Shipping
  • Industry Solutions
  • Intermodal and Multimodal Transport
  • Industrial Projects Transportation

India International Courier Services

Also called IIC Commercial Service, the company brings with it an integrated express services network to swiftly and safely transport documents, parcels and commercial goods globally. The main motto of this leading international courier service in Ludhiana is to provide a quick and secure delivery service. They have commendable expertise in fast door-to-door express service for packages, documents, and non-commercial consignments. 

They have many unique attributes, including facilities like:

  • Free door pick up
  • Door-to-door services: They collect your shipment and directly deliver it to your consignee’s end
  • Free packing and  tracking system 
  • Convenient office and home delivery options for businesses
  • Collaboration with renowned brands like FedEx and DHL
  • Online courier tracking facility
  • Friendly customer care staff
  • Cost-effective and competitive prices


  • Bulk Courier
  • Commercial Courier
  • Corporate Courier
  • 24 Hours Service
  • Warehousing Services
  • Faster Delivery on Additional Charges
  • Overnight Courier Services
  • Document Courier Services
  • Industrial Courier Services
  • International Courier Services
  • Online Tracking Facility
  • Same Day Express Courier Services

DTDC Express Ltd

DTDC Express Ltd., a brand name known to many around the country, has a strong presence as a premier logistics company and international courier service in Ludhiana. They provide businesses with a wide range of efficient and reliable international cargo and courier services. DTDC Express can cater to all your international shipping needs, from sending important documents to shipping packages. 

The Company gives businesses many compelling reasons to choose their international courier services in Ludhiana, such as:

  • Vast Worldwide Network: Possessing an extensive global network that enables them to deliver shipments to various international destinations. 
  • On-time Delivery: They understand the importance of timely deliveries and do everything in their power to deliver packages within the promised timeframe.
  • Secure Shipment Handling: DTDC Express Ltd. ensures the safety of your cargo during transit with its robust security measures.
  • Tracking Facility: The company provides you with ease in tracking the progress of your shipments online.
  • Reliable Customer Support: DTDC Express Ltd offers a dedicated customer support team available to listen to your queries and promptly resolve them at the earliest. 


  • Door to Door
  • Bulk Courier

Air Xpress Worldwide

Air Xpress Worldwide is known as a leading international courier service in Ludhiana, providing businesses with the best cargo shipping solutions. They provide reliable international courier services to many countries including Australia and Canada, logistic services, parcel booking services, cargo services, and many more. 

The company has over two decades of experience in the field and offers its services at cost-effective rates. The features that differentiate their services from other service providers in Ludhiana are quality service and a flexible approach. Air Xpress offers many facilities, from international express courier service for documents and samples to air cargo services for export and import and custom shipping solutions. They give top priority to delivering consignments worldwide in the promised time frame and to customer satisfaction. 

The Company provides a plethora of air shipping options partnering with DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, and Aramex. Businesses can also avail of their cost-efficient and self-direct services to numerous destinations, which are tailored to meet different business requirements. Their customer service team also promptly addresses and resolves queries to build a mutually beneficial and long-lasting business relationship. 


  • International Cargo Services
  • International Courier Services
  • Parcel Booking Services

The Peculiar Features of Top Ludhiana Couriers

All the leading international courier services in Ludhiana come with a bunch of special services and unique features. These courier services have some attributes in common:

Superfast Delivery

The prominent names in Ludhiana’s international courier services provider network take pride in materialising and facilitating speedy delivery of shipments to multiple destinations across the world in the promised timeline. They have dedicated software and reliable teams of professionals who work round the clock to execute express or super-quick deliveries. These companies have many customisable international shipping options for varying needs of businesses, like getting across urgent deliveries within 4-5 business days and more.

Reliable Services

Another peculiar feature that attracts the maximum number of customers to these international courier services in Ludhiana is their unmatched reliability or dependability. Businesses can rely on their expertise as they possess many years of experience in successfully catering to businesses requiring international shipping services. 

Responsive Customer Service

The primary goal of the top international courier services in Ludhiana is to keep their customers happy and satisfied. These renowned service providers have well-trained staff to cater to and promptly handle the queries and issues of their customers. You can rest assured of getting help at any point during the entire shipping process. This helps you avoid any delays and successfully deliver your international customer orders. 

Extensive Courier Network 

These companies have formed a wide global courier network over the years to reach a maximum number of international destinations and give businesses the ease to deliver shipments to various far-off destinations. Many renowned international courier services in Ludhiana also have the facility to reach remote international locations, which allows you to easily expand your business to such areas. 

Secure Handling of Cargo or Parcels

Most of the time, businesses worry about their products reaching their customers in perfect condition. The top players in Ludhiana take this burden off your shoulders by using strong security measures to handle your cargo and keep your shipments safe throughout the transit. They have special facilities for securely handling fragile or temperature-sensitive items, providing a safety net for the goods. You can trust them to handle your cargo with care as they have the right means and years of experience to do so.   

Door to Door Services

Most of the prime international courier services in Ludhiana cater to the need to collect orders or shipments from your doorstep and directly deliver them to the respective recipient or destination. Their door-to-door services make the shipping process easy for businesses. 

Pocket-friendly Pricing

Many businesses look for competitive prices when selecting the best international courier service in Ludhiana. These top companies have customisable packages to fit your budget. You can bank upon them to receive high-quality services at very affordable rates. 

Tracking Facility

You’re never left in the dark about the progress or location of your shipment with high-end international courier services in Ludhiana. They usually offer a tracking facility with real-time updates to help you monitor your goods throughout their transit. 

Shiprocket X: Connect With International Consumers

We help you sell to a vast audience of about 2 billion buyers when you choose to ship globally with Shiprocket X. Businesses can ship using multiple partners through our standard or express courier modes. Get your orders picked from any place within the country and deliver them around the globe. You can also integrate with international marketplaces like Amazon US or UK and eBay US or UK to never miss an order from any location worldwide. 

Shiprocket X is designed to provide top-notch facilities to businesses seeking to sell internationally: 

  • Extensive Global Network: Ship to more than 220 foreign destinations in just a few clicks, and expand your store in many nations globally.
  • Use the Best Carriers: Send your shipments cross-border using best-in-business carriers, such as SRX Express and SRX Premium.
  • Competitive Shipping Rates: Get the cheapest international shipping rates starting from INR 299/ 50g only.
  • End-to-end Tracking: Provide your buyers with an end-to-end tracking platform, which will enable them to keep track of their orders.


Get your hands on the best shipping services at affordable prices with the best international courier services in Ludhiana. They are a great tool for easily growing your business beyond borders and ensuring timely deliveries of orders to your customers. These top service providers provide you with speedy and secure deliveries, which will help you keep your customers happy and enhance your brand image. The secure cargo handling by experienced shipping professionals at these firms will also help the shipment land safely at your customer’s doorstep, giving you peace of mind. Moreover, these firms ease the complicated shipping documentation process,  preventing any delays or disruptions in shipment. 

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