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Save on your packaging costs with Shiprocket Packaging


Shiprocket Packaging is an innovative packaging solution for SMEs to optimize fulfillment with quality packaging material & a data-backed platform. Map SKUs with packaging material and reduce weight discrepancies for simplified order management.
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    Best Quality Material

    Provide greater satisfaction for your customers with distinguished material

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    Assemble Your Packaging Catalog

    Map SKUs to the packaging material and process all orders with uniform packaging by Shiprocket

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    Find Affordable Packaging Materials

    Discover low cost and high-quality packaging materials and get packaging delivered to your doorstep

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    Reduce Weight Discrepancy Issues

    Automatically update package dimensions when you process the order & ship with no hold on wallet amount due to weight discrepancy

One-click Solution to Seamless Deliveries

Save the time, hassle and costs by making your packaging uniform for your products

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