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Multiple eCommerce Shipping Partners - ShipRocket


Shipping and processing of orders are one of the major components for any eCommerce business. Most eCommerce players are not able to conjure up warehouses and shipping partners for basic order fulfilment. This is because it takes a lot of effort and time to get the leading courier partners on board to help you process the shipment.

Depending entirely on courier partners can lead to more issues in running a smooth business. Thus, having multiple courier partners is an advantage that most eCommerce players are in need of. ShipRocket offers the best courier partners for you to choose from as per your order’s pin code and the minimum price.

List of Couriers Integrated:

1. Aramex
2. Delhivery
3. Ecom Express
4. FedEx
5. UPS

Priority Shipping: Our platform enables merchant to set the priority for using the couriers thus the merchant can choose the order in which they want to utilize the courier partner.

Key Benefits:

1. No need to depend on a single courier partner when you can choose from multiple options.
2. Ability to choose specific couriers to process shipments.


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