No Minimum Shipment Required


No Minumum Shipment Quantity - ShipRocket


You might want to ship a single package, or need to deliver thousands of shipments in a single day, ShipRocket has got you covered. There is no minimum shipment required, and you can enjoy the same discounted shipping rates on all shipment, irrespective of the quantity. Ship at the lowest rates using the major courier companies in India.

Although, some of the shipping platforms or courier partner(s) expect a promised minimum-volume for the monthly shipments. This creates a barrier for some merchants who are just starting their business and might not have a constant flow of online orders. To eradicate this issue, and many others for the e-tailers, ShipRocket kept no cap on the minimum number of shipments that needs to be processed through us. You can ship one or thousand orders from the same platform. All you need to do is recharge and pay for the number of shipments that you need to process. If at any point, you don’t have any shipments to process, then you don’t need to recharge either.


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