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Manage Undelivered Orders With Ease

Reduce undelivery with our automated NDR management solution

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Reduce Processing
Time For Undelivered Orders

With an automated process flow, now process undelivered orders in a few minutes!

  • Handle undelivered orders in one place

    Assign an action to every order within a few clicks using a multifunctional and properly segregated NDR dashboard.

  • Immediate action by courier agent

    Get an undelivered order directly in your panel minutes after the courier agent records un-delivery. Let go of 24 hours processing time and time-consuming excel sheets

  • Reach out to buyers in real time

    Reduce NDR processing time by 12 hours with an automated panel. Reach out to buyers in real time with SMS, Email, and IVR calls to directly record their delivery preference

  • Reduce RTO with decreased NDR

    Use an automated workflow, take action for undelivered orders in real time, and reduce RTO up to 10%!

  • Traditional Means of Handling Undelivery

  • Shiprocket’s Way of Handling Undelivery

Courier executive tries to deliver the order to the buyer

Buyer is unavailable/ cannot accept the order

  • Traditional Means of Handling Undelivery

  • Courier agent records non-delivery & adds it to list of undelivered orders for the day
  • Courier partner sends a cumulative excel sheet at EOD & you manually contact buyer asking their return preference
  • Courier partner updated the following day
  • Courier agent re-attempt shipment next day
  • Shiprocket’s Way of Handling Undelivery

  • Shiprocket captures non-delivery information in real time and updates you on the panel
  • Real-time notification to the buyer via SMS and IVR to which buyer responds
  • Courier partner updated instantaneously
  • Courier agent re-attempts shipments same day or the following day

Manage Undelivered Orders

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Manage Returns!

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About NDR Management

What are NDR and RTO?

NDR stands for Non-Delivery Report – It refers to the number of orders that are shipped but not delivered to the customer for any reason. Learn More
RTO refers to Return to Origin – This refers to the orders sent back to the original pickup address or seller’s warehouse due to non-delivery. Learn More

How does Shiprocket help me with processing undelivered orders?

Shiprocket provides you with a single view of the orders marked as undelivered so that you can quickly take action on them. Also, get undelivered orders directly in your panel minutes after the courier agent records an un-delivery.

For example, suppose your courier partner marks an order as undelivered today. In that case, it will reflect in your Shiprocket panel immediately, and you can decide whether you want to recall it, talk to your buyer, or reattempt delivery.

How does automated NDR/undelivered order management reduce RTO orders?

When you process NDR orders sooner, you reduce the time between reattempts, and chances of delivery increase. That means you can increase successful deliveries and improve customer experience by eliminating RTOs due to delayed deliveries, fake courier remarks, etc.

How can I get started with this automated undelivery management?

You just need to activate ‘NDR Buyer Flow’ from the shipments panel in your Shiprocket account. Start Now

In how much time is non-delivery information updated in our Shiprocket panel?

As soon as the courier partner updates the NDR status and reason, it is updated in the Shiprocket panel.

The buyer sent an SMS or IVR notification for NDR orders in what cases?

When the order is marked as ‘customer requested future delivery’ or ‘customer refused the delivery,’ the buyer is sent an SMS and IVR notification asking to confirm delivery. Learn More

In how much time is this service activated for my Shiprocket account?

The NDR buyer flow is activated immediately once you agree to the terms and conditions. Get Started

Is this a paid service?

This service is included for users in all the plans. However, IVR calling is only available to customers in the advanced and pro plans.

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