B2C - Business To Consumer

Four Traditional Types Of Ecommerce Business Models

B2B - Business To Business

C2B - Consumer To Business

C2C - Consumer To Consumer

#1 Building your own website

There are 2 simple ways to set up an eCommerce business

#2 Joining an eCommerce marketplace

– Flexibility – Faster order processing – Easier order management – Reach to a greater audience – Attractive growth opportunities – More low-cost marketing channels

Benefits Of Selling Online

Steps To Start Your Business

– Company Registration – Tax Registration – Opening A Business Bank Account – Setting Up Payment Gateway – Integrate eCommerce Shipping Solution – Integrate Solutions For Fulfillment Process

Tips For A Successful eCommerce Business

– Focus on your customers – Stay on top of SEO – Work closely with social media marketing funnels – Go mobile

To process orders seamlessly, you would need a fulfillment solution. These can help you process orders 3x faster and deliver much faster to customers. One such fulfillment solution is – Shiprocket Fulfillment