Shipping from India to the USA - Know These Basics

Key players involved in International Shipping

– Shipper – Consignee – Freight Forwarder – Shipping Line

Stages involved in International Shipping

– Export Haulage – Origin Handling – Export Customs Clearance – Ocean Freight – Import Customs Clearance – Destination Handling – Import Haulage

Items you CAN’T SHIP to the USA -

Aerosols, Dairy, Fur, Ivory, Fresh Foods, Animals, Cash, Nail Varnish, Perfume, Plants, Tobacco, Seeds, Poison, Ink etc.

Shipping to the USA? 5 Standard Documents that you should be aware of

1. U.S. Customs Invoice 2. Inward Cargo Manifest 3. Commercial Invoice 4. Bill of Lading 5. Packing List