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Hyperlocal is one of the biggest buzz words in the eCommerce industry today. It is one of the most profitable business opportunities for small sellers out there.

When you take this idea of a local marketplace and bring it online, the result turns into a profitable eCommerce hyperlocal business. Statistics suggest that India’s hyperlocal market will skyrocket to 2306 crore by the year 2020.

This will not only provide an extraordinary boost to small sellers but also to budding entrepreneurs who plan to start a business online.

Even though the idea sounds fantastic and it might seem like the right time to step into the hyperlocal business structure, you need to be careful of a lot of things.

Be it finding the right products to sell to marketing your hyperlocal business in the neighborhood, we’ll help you get all the details right.

With this comprehensive eBook, get your hands on exclusive information about

  • What is Hyperlocal Delivery?
  • The Hyperlocal Business Model
  • The Relevance of Hyperlocal Business
  • How to Build a Hyperlocal delivery Network?
  • Shipping and Hyperlocal Business

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