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    Shiprocket is a cloud-based software that automates every step of your order fulfillment process. With modern shipping tools and a balanced approach, we help you ship orders in the most affordable, manageable, and delay-free way.

    Your Business, Your Rules

    Say goodbye to repetitive work and manual efforts by automating your shipping preferences. Customize your courier selection by setting simple or advanced shipping rules based on weight, payment mode, location, order value, and more.

    Ship Orders Across the Globe

    Shiprocket is integrated with major logistics networks and has a presence in over 220 countries worldwide. Now, reach more customers globally while we handle the exhaustion of handling paperwork, government policies, and regulatory requirements.

    Keep your promises to your customers

    Build a lasting relationship with your customers by giving them the shopping experience they deserve

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      Real-Time Order Updates

      Turn one-time buyers into repeat customers by regularly sending shipment notifications across all touchpoints. Knowing where, when, and what about their order will ease the minds of your customers.

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      Live Shipment Tracking

      Win your buyers’ trust by giving them complete visibility of their order’s movement. It’s the tiniest changes that make your buyers fall in love with you.

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      Easy Return Management

      Simplicity is the key when it comes to making your buyers happy. Keeping this in mind, we have created an easy-to-customize return process, where your buyers can place a return request directly from the tracking page.

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      Hear the Voice of Your Customers

      Customers’ opinion plays an important role in bringing positive changes in any business. Use our feedback form to know what users think about you and your products.

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    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Enterprise

    Whom does the enterprise shipping plan cater to?

    The enterprise shipping plan is for eCommerce businesses that have a high shipment volume and specific shipping requirements. You can get in touch with our team and we will set up a customized plan for you. Learn More

    How is the Enterprise plan suitable for my business?

    The Enterprise shipping plan helps you uncomplicate shipping with 17+ carriers, automated NDR management, modern shipping tools, AI-based courier recommendation, etc.

    Can I get help if I ship from different websites and marketplaces?

    Yes. Shiprocket does not help with your D2C eCommerce shipping but also offers integrations with 12+ websites and marketplaces like Woocommerce, Shopify, Amazon, etc. You can easily import orders from all and ship from one platform. Learn More

    I have many instances of undelivery and I usually need to connect with buyers. Will that be possible?

    Yes. Shiprocket offers you an uncomplicated process where you can record the buyer’s preference or reason for reattempt and refusal of delivery right from the tracking page. This helps you make decisions faster and you can also reduce RTO with quick action. Start Here

    Are tracking notifications shared with buyers?

    Yes. With Shiprocket you can share tracking updates via Email and SMS notifications. Also, your customers can receive a branded tracking page with your company logo, name, support number, order details, etc.