Guaranteed Faster Delivery Attempts With Moneyback Assurance

Improve delivery experience, reduce shipping costs, and make smarter decisions with the help of Shiprocket’s smart algorithm. With Shiprocket Assured, get moneyback assurance on unsuccessful SLA delivery attempts.

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Who Can Use Shiprocket Assured?

Shiprocket Assured is a one-of-its-kind tech-enabled solution for SMEs that matches you with the best courier partners for your shipments. Shiprocket Assured brings uniform shipping costs at zone level and money back guarantee on breached shipped to first delivery attempt SLAs for SMEs to provide customers a delightful delivery experience and fulfill 95% delivery attempt SLA.

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Why Choose Shiprocket Assured?


Money back Guarantee*

  • Money back guarantee on breached SLAs
  • Money refunded to shipping wallet
  • No weight discrepancies within freezed weight categories

Increase Profits

  • Consistent shipping costs across zones
  • Best shipping rates for each order

Eliminate Operational Fatigue

  • Eliminate manual courier selection
  • Auto-match the best courier for every shipment
  • Unbiased courier allocation based on lowest freight charges

Improve Overall Delivery Experience

  • Assurance of 95% delivery attempt SLA
  • Ship with the best carrier without worrying about the price
  • Offer guaranteed delivery attempts to your buyers

    Business Impact

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    Guaranteed Delivery Attempt With Best Courier Partners

    Offer assurance of guaranteed deliveries with the help of the best courier partners chosen through our technology-backed solution or get moneyback on unsuccessful SLAs

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    Enhance Your Customer Satisfaction

    Provide exceptional satisfaction to your customers by meeting 95% delivery attempt SLAs

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    Magnify Business Profits

    Save 2X time on order processing and maximise your profits by satisfying customers with faster and efficient order deliveries.

Optimise Order Processing With Shiprocket Assured


Without Shiprocket Assured

  • Analyze and compare multiple courier parameters
  • Decide which courier to ship with
  • Diverse shipping costs for all couriers
  • No guarantee on meeting delivery SLAs
  • Delivery performance and SLAs depend on the courier partner selection

With Shiprocket Assured

  • No paradox of choice
  • Find the one courier for your order
  • Predictable shipping costs
  • Improved delivery performance
  • Delivery performance based on the best courier selected by Shiprocket

Our Pricing

Assured Plan

Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D Zone E Zone E2
Weight Rate
0.5 kg 40.00 49.00 59.00 66.00 82.00 82.00
RTO 39.00 45.00 54.00 62.00 73.00 73.00
Extra 0.5 kg 40.00 49.00 59.00 66.00 82.00 82.00
0.5 kg 38.00 48.00 54.00 58.00 75.00 91.00
1 kg 68.00 77.00 82.00 93.00 110.00 181.00
2 kg 77.00 105.00 125.00 133.00 152.00 362.00
Additional (per kg) 47.00 51.00 64.00 66.00 74.00 92.00
5 kg 175.00 182.00 195.00 232.00 350.00 905.00
Additional (per kg) 31.00 38.00 45.00 48.00 56.00 70.00
10 kg 201.00 230.00 347.00 399.00 454.00 1809.00
Additional (per kg) 25.00 28.00 37.00 47.00 55.00 68.00
COD Rate 50.00
COD% 2.50%

How to Use Shiprocket Assured for Your Business?


Step 1

Select an order to ship


Step 2

Choose between standard and express shipping


Step 3

Intelligent courier assignment based on lowest freight charges and shortest EDD


Step 4

Ship with the assigned courier


Step 5

Automated tracking notifications to the buyer


Step 6

Money back in case of breached SLA

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can use Shiprocket Assured?

Sellers with an Advanced, Pro, or Enterprise Shiprocket plan can sign up for Shiprocket Assured

How can I get started with Shiprocket Assured?

You can get in touch with your key account manager or reach our team at +91-9266623006 for getting started.

What is the billing cycle for Shiprocket Assured?

The billing cycle for Shiprocket Assured is 25 days.

Is 95% delivery attempt SLA promise applicable for all shipments?

No. The 95% delivery attempt SLA promise is only applicable for forward shipments. RTO, Return, Lost shipments, and shipments on which refunds have been remitted are exempted.

Is this assurance applicable on all weight slabs?

No. Heavy couriers that are 5kg or above are exempted.

Does assurance apply to unforeseen circumstances like another lockdown, natural calamity, etc.?

No. Assurance isn’t applicable to unforeseeable circumstances like another lockdown, natural calamity, etc.