Amazon Integration – Save time and money with Shiprocket

Reduce your costs, connect with multiple carriers, import inventory and orders from multiple sales channels. 

Simplify your shipping today.

Why Integrate your Amazon Store
with Shiprocket

We’re here to make your life easier and cut down on the time you
spend shipping and fulfilling. Amazon is one of the leading
ecommerce platforms that helps make selling online easy for
any individual. With our platform, we help you sell and ship out
all of your orders quickly & help scale your online business.

Below are the setups that you can use to connect your Amazon store
with Shiprocket.  Integrate your store with our platform and
streamline Amazon shipping and order fulfilment process now.

Easy Setup

Connect your Amazon account to Shiprocket in few simple steps.
Refer to process here.

Sync Your Store

Orders Once integrated you can sync all your Amazon Store Orders
at a single click of a button. With our platform you would get
complete order data, including recipient address & product details
on the Shiprocket panel.

Product Information

Product details such as item name, SKU, weight, and images import
with the order so you have all you need to quickly pack & ship the order.

Automatic Shipping Updates

After shipping label creation, we transmit the Carrier, Tracking Number,
and Shipping status back to Amazon and your customers. Ensuring
that both your customers & you as a merchant stay updated
about the shipments current status & location.

Manage Amazon Shipping Anywhere

Shiprocket is web-based and mobile compatible platform. Thus, it does
not matter where you are. You can always manage your Shipping.

About Amazon Amazon – a leading shopping ecommerce platform.
It does not matter if you’re just starting out or if you are running
a successful online business, Amazon gives you all the tools you
need to sell online!

Shiprocket – Amazon Integration Offerings

▶  Reduce Shipping cost by 50%

▶  Shipment tracking

▶  Ecommerce order fulfilment support

▶  Customer email notifications

▶  Print Custom labels

▶  Bulk label creation

▶  Automatic order importing

▶  Address validation

▶  Shipping insurance (T&C)