Step By Step Guide For Switching to Amazon Self Ship From Easy Ship or FBA

How to move to Amazon self ship shipping model

As explained in some of our previous blogs, Amazon has three kinds of shipping models – Self Ship, Easy Ship, and fulfilled by Amazon(FBA). Each has its pros and cons along with differences in what they have to offer to merchants. With many choices, comes slight confusion as well. There is a chance you started shipping with FBA, but eventually, you realize it is much more profitable for your business if you fulfill these orders yourself. Maybe you need COD for some months, and the rest of the year you can do without Amazon’s Easy Ship. These are scenarios when you plan to make a shift towards self-ship. But there’s another roadblock, you don’t know how to! Read to clarify this confusion and proceed to Self Shipping your eCommerce orders.

Brief about Amazon’s fulfillment models

1) Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is a premier shipping model wherein you only have to send your inventory to Amazon Fulfillment Centers. Everything else including inventory management, warehousing, packaging, and shipping is Amazon’s responsibility.

2) Amazon Easy Ship

Under this model, you have to take care of your inventory management, warehousing, and packaging. Amazon will ship your products using the Amazon transportation network, and you can schedule pickups and handover your products to them.

3) Amazon Self Ship

Amazon Self Ship is the thorough merchant fulfillment model where you are responsible for all functions including shipping. You only receive orders from Amazon’s marketplace.

Amazon Easy Ship to Self Ship

If you’re currently shipping using Amazon Easy Ship and want to shift to Self ship, follow the steps given below :

1) Login to your seller central account, go to settings and choose ‘Shipping settings.’

2) Under this section, you can see that Easy ship is opted as the primary mode of shipment.

3) To disable Easy Ship, you will have to contact Amazon support. To do so, go to the ‘Help’ section.

4) Go to ‘Get Support’ 

5) Choose ‘Shipping settings.’

6) In ‘Your account,’ choose ‘change selling plan’ and begin chatting with a customer associate from Amazon.

7) Raise your concern on chat

8) Post explaining your concern, they will send you a survey link. Fill out the survey form

9) Upon filling out your survey, you will receive the following confirmation, and you can resume Self Shipping in 5-7 days.

If You Want To Self Ship and Easy Ship at the same time

This option does not mean you will be able to choose which order you want to process using Self Ship and which order you wish to prepare through Easy Ship. Here, the orders which are eligible for delivery with Easy Ship will be picked by Amazon and the remaining orders can be fulfilled by you.

To enable Self Ship for orders which are not eligible for Easy Ship,

1) Go to → Settings → Shipping settings

2) Under the shipping settings, select ‘interested’ and click save to begin using Self Ship (for orders that cannot be processed by Easy Ship)

Amazon FBA to Self Ship

To disable FBA, you will need to opt out of sending inventory to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. For removing items, a small fee will be charged per item. For doing so,

1) Go to Manage inventory

2) Select the things you don’t want to send to Amazon’s fulfillment centers

3) Create a removal order

4) You can choose to pick up your items from an Amazon Fulfillment center or have them delivered to you at your default return address.

5) Review and place your order

6) Pay the Fees

It is advised you make a shift from FBA after you exhaust your inventory currently present with Amazon. After you stop sending them any fresh stock, they will automatically remove your account from FBA. You can speak with Amazon’s support team (like we did in the above section) to confirm your opt-out from Amazon FBA.

We hope with these steps explained; you can make a simple shift from any Amazon fulfillment model. Start selling hassle-free on Amazon and choose the fulfillment model that best matches your need.

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