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Steps to Integrate Shopify with One Click

To proceed, please click on the “Connect to Shopify” button on your screen.

You’ll be diverted to the Shopify seller login page. Log in to your Shopify account by entering your email address/username and password.

Once logged in, the app authorization page will open where you can verify your account integration with Shiprocket by clicking “Install app”.

Now, you will be redirected to the Shiprocket channel page. Here you can edit your Shopify channel to modify it as per your preferences.

If you’re having trouble with Shopify integration, troubleshoot it by following the steps mentioned here.

Fill in your store’s details and allow Shopify admin to start syncing orders.
One Click Integration
Integrate your Shopify store with Shiprocket using your Shopify store url
Seller Panel
Please fill in the below details to connect your Shopify store :
Please click on the “Connect to Shopify” button, to integrate with your Shopify account.