Kitting – Effective Order Processing Technique

Bundling multiple items into a single unit for the purpose of selling.

Kitting is a term that is used in the context of warehousing. It refers to bundling different items together. In other words it refers to filling the orders by pre assembling individual items into kits that are ready for shipping. Kitting replaces the need for picking and packing individual items from the inventory and instead contributes to a better order fulfilment strategy.

This method is also responsible for helping save a lot of costs. Kitting is done in the warehouse for related items. For example, when a customer orders a computer, they might as well place an order for a mouse, hard disk, mousepad, headphones etc. In such situations kitting refers to grouping separate but related items together and shipping them as one unit instead of shipping separately. 


Improve Order Fulfillment Process by Adopting Warehouse Kitting

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