Unified Tracking

Unified Tracking – Aggregated Tracking for Omnichannel eCommerce

Unified tracking refers to monitoring the transit status of all packages on a single platform. Regardless of the courier company, one chooses to ship products, unified tracking enables tracking orders on a single platform.

Unified tracking refers to a platform or web portal where a person shipping a parcel can track its status, no matter which courier service has been used to ship the parcel. A unified tracking page enables people to track all their shipments from all courier partners on one single platform. This helps in eCommerce since sellers ship their parcels via multiple courier partners.

In such situations tracking becomes a huge problem if they have to go to each courier’s website and track orders only that are shipped via that courier. Unified tracking helps ease all of this and makes shipping seamless for sellers.


How Unified Order Tracking Is A Boon For eCommerce Businesses

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