Hyperlocal Delivery

Affordable & easy intracity deliveries, done within hours.

Drive Growth For Your Local Business

Generate more sales by offering same-day delivery.

Leading Courier Partners

Leverage the expertise of best-in-class
carriers like Dunzo, Borzo & Shadowfax.

Low Shipping Rates

Ship at reasonable rates & save big
for your small business.

Same-Day Delivery

Deliver orders in just a few hours of
receiving them.

Multiple Payment Modes

Allow your buyers the freedom to choose
between COD & prepaid options.

Automated Operations

Process shipments in an instant
with minimum manual effort.

Live Order Tracking

Always keep your buyers in the loop
with real-time SMS & email updates.

Better Conversion Rate

Convince more visitors to purchase
by offering fast order delivery.

Order Surge Management

Handle sudden order spikes easily using our
feature-rich platform.

Improved Customer Experience

Enhance your delivery experience & become
the local favourite.

Our Courier Partners

For Any Type Of Local Business

  • Grocery

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Personal Care

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hyperlocal delivery?

Hyperlocal delivery means the intra-city delivery of products directly from the seller to the buyer in a small geographical area.

How does Shiprocket help?

Shiprocket provides you with multiple hyperlocal courier partners in one place through which you can ship your orders using an automated platform.

Why should I choose this?

Are you a small eCommerce seller, a shopkeeper, or a homepreneur? If you are in the business of grocery, pharmaceuticals, personal care, etc. and have got small orders to deliver within a small radius, this would be a perfect choice.

Do I need to pay anything extra?

Just like any other shipment, your delivery charges depend on the delivery distance. To add your orders and start shipping, all you need is an active Shiprocket account and enough money in your wallet.