Damaged, or Lost Shipments?

We’ve Got You Covered.

Secure your high-value shipments with Shiprocket. Your shipment’s security is our priority.
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How Does it Work?

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Secure Packages

Easily secure your packages. The premium will be calculated based on the package value.

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Submit Claims

Submit a claim for reimbursement in case the package is damaged, or stolen.

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Receive Reimbursement

Receive reimbursement up to the total value of the package.

How Can You Opt For Cover?

Selective Cover

Opt protection on individual shipments above Rs. 5000 and below Rs. 25 Lakhs.

  • Click on the ‘Ship Now’ button and choose ‘Secured or Unsecured.
  • Freight cost changes will reflect based on the option selected.

Opt protection on bulk shipments above Rs. 5000 and below Rs. 25 Lakhs.

  • Click on the “Ship Now” button in case of multiple shipments, and select from ‘Secured or Unsecured.’
  • Freight cost changes will reflect based on the option selected.

Blanket Cover

Opt security on all shipments in the Rs.5000 to Rs. 25 Lakhs bracket.

  • Under the ‘Shipment Security’ tab, enable ‘Auto secure all shipments above 5K.
  • Once enabled, all shipments will get covered.

Eligible Products

List of products that are eligible for the cover

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Fashion Apparels
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Beauty Products
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Grocery Items
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Educational Contents

Security Coverage Details

All claims must be processed within the stipulated escalation timeline and in writing over the emails.

Claims will be processed in the form of Credit notes.

Additional Protection charges will be applicable on the invoice value.

Only shipments with valid pick-up and in-transit scans will be eligible to be covered under our protection.

All shipments above Rs. 5000 and up to Rs. 25 Lakhs will be covered automatically once you choose to activate damage protection for your account.

Comprehensive Security for Maximum Risk Coverage

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Shipment Protection Cover

Do I Need to Pay a Premium for This Security Cover?

Yes, you need to pay a premium for security cover for your packages. Freight cost changes will be decided based on the plan you choose.

How Can I Activate This Shipment Cover?

You can opt for selective cover for every shipment when you click on ‘Ship Now’. Select ‘Secured or Unsecured’. The freight charges will be altered based on the option you select
If you want a blanket cover for every shipment, you can select ‘auto secure all shipments above 5k’ in the ‘Shipment security’ tab.
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How Can I Process the Claims for My Orders?

All claims must be processed in writing over the emails and in the stipulated period

Will the Claim Be Refunded to My Original Payment Mode?

The claim will be refunded to you in the form of credit notes.