Know About The Recent Rate Changes 
All the key carrier channels like FedEx, Aramax, and UPS etc roll out price changes every year which affect sellers regardless of which service or carrier they use.

To help you in overcoming challenges around this, we have developed a guide that will help you to:

1. Do comparisons between major carriers:

We will provide complete guidance on the effects of these changes and ways to interpret them for your business.

2. Determine cost effective carriers:

With clear details about the carrier price changes, you will be able to find the most appropriate carrier for your shipments depending on it’s destination zone, weight & delivery time. The details mentioned in our guide will explain you about alternative cost effective services as well.

Know about the impact of these changes on the real ecommerce business world. With the data given by Shiprocket, you can evaluate the rate changes based on specific shipping situations & understand ways to reduce their impact on your business looking at the alternative carriers options.

To get all details, fill in your details & download the guide now!