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Quick Shipment

Create orders the fast, easy, and simple way!

Quick Shipment – Faster Order Processing

Quick shipment ensures order processing in under a minute. With fewer details to fill out, order creation is simple, easy, and quick; especially in case of urgent orders.

Create Orders Quickly. Ship Faster

Ship Faster
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    No Extensive Forms

    With simple forms and fewer details to fill, order creation and processing is simpler than ever.

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    30-second Order Creation Time

    Takes less than a minute to fill in the details, create orders, and ship them using your preferred courier partners.

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    Boost Sales

    More orders created and processed means more orders delivered. Boost your sales with quick shipment.

Buyer’s Profile

Get an overview of your customer’s details in one place

Do More With Buyer Profiles

For every order shipped with Shiprocket, we save the details of the customers and create a profile for them on your behalf. The profiles can be used to leverage insights related to the customers.

Scale Your Business With Buyer Insights

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    Total Orders Placed

    Know the number of orders placed by the customers and know which customers are ordering the most.

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    Total Revenue Generated

    For each individual customer, know the revenue generated. Get an insight into total revenue generated by the total number of customers.

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    Orders Delivered

    Find out the orders that were delivered to each individual customer, and the total number of orders delivered.

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    RTO Orders

    Get an insight into the number of RTO orders pertaining to each customer

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    Source of Orders

    For every customer who has placed an order, find out the source or channel from which the order was placed.

Buyer Insights

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