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  • Guaranteed Remittance in 2 days*

  • Improved business cash cycle

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How does

Early COD work?

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  • Activate Early COD

  • Select your preferred plan

  • Order delivered successfully

  • Remittance received as per the selected plan

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No need to pay a setup/monthly fees for using Shiprocket. Pay as you go for each order!

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Early COD

What is Early COD by Shiprocket?

Early COD is a payout plan by Shiprocket where you receive your COD remittance as early as 2 days after your products are delivered. You only need to pay a small fee. Learn More

How does this plan work?

When you opt for early COD, you get to choose from 3 plans. After you choose your desired plan, once your orders are delivered to your customer, you receive the COD remittance in your account earlier than the usual cycle along with a nominal fee. Read More

How can I get started with Early COD?

To activate Early COD, you need to login to your Shiprocket account → Billing tab → Remittance Logs → Activate Early COD in the top right corner.Activate Early COD

What are the three plans available for Early COD?

The 3 plans available are as follows –

Learn More

How will my business benefit from Early COD?

With Early COD, you can maintain a continuous cash flow for your business. As you receive remittance sooner, you can plan ahead for your shipments. It will help you ship more orders in a shorter time.