Courier Service

What is a Courier Service & How to Choose the Best One?

Courier service is a rapid door to door service that picks your order and delivers it to the customers; doorstep for a small sum of money.

A courier service is a company that helps in the shipping of goods from one place to another. For example, if you want to deliver a particular product to your customers, you’d hand over the parcel to a  courier company to take it forward, unless you own a delivery fleet of your own.

Courier services are a huge comfort to eCommerce sellers since they help in the seamless delivery of parcels upon charging a small amount for the job. The charges levied by the courier service in a parcel depend upon several factors such as weight and dimensions of the package being shipped, the geographical area of delivery, etc. A courier service owns transport across different mediums and hires a delivery fleet to deliver the packages.


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