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Cross-Dock – Understanding the Concept for eCommerce Fulfillment

It refers to a set of operations that take place in a warehouse. Cross-docking involves moving goods between different trucks without any intermediate.

Cross-docking is a process in logistics where the goods are unloaded from a railroad car or a semi-trailer and loaded back into outbound trucks and trailers. The important point of consideration in cross-docking is that there is little or no storage in between the two processes. In other words, cross-docking might be done to change the mode of transport during the delivery of goods. Sometimes, goods might require multiple modes of transport to reach their destination.

For example, the courier pick-up agent might come to pick up the goods via a motorbike and then load it onto a truck to take it to a station, where it is finally handed over to the air carrier. Cross-docking is done for various reasons and changing the type of conveyance is just one of them. Other reasons for cross-docking include sorting materials intended to use for different destinations or combining materials that might be coming from different origins. For example, packages to be delivered in one geographical area might be combined into one transport vehicle for seamless delivery. 


What Is Cross-Docking? 4 Reasons Why You Must Opt for It

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