Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods – What You Must Not Ship

Certain goods are marked as dangerous goods when shipping because of the nature of the materials in the products. These products are prohibited from shipping by most courier companies. E.g crackers, batteries, etc.

It is a class of goods that is assigned a special label because of their nature. Also known as DG goods these substances pose a harm to health, safety and environment. These goods need to be transported with special care and must be declared before shipping. Some of the dangerous goods are prohibited from shipping, either through one or all mediums of transport.

Certain goods are marked as DG goods by the department of the environment due to their chemical or physical properties. For example, crackers, gases, flammable liquids, corrosive, etc, are various categories of dangerous goods and have special guidelines for shipping. While some of the dangerous goods can be shipped with special care and packaging instructions, others are strictly prohibited and termed as hazardous.


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