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Franchise Delivery Manifest (FDM) in DTDC

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

May 15, 2024

5 min read

The ‘Franchise Delivery Manifest’ or ‘Franchise Distribution Manifest’ is an important part of ensuring seamless logistics operation in today’s world. Courier service providers have enabled this status on their tracking pages to provide customers with information about the last warehouse location of their products. FDM today is the guiding document that allows seamless delivery of couriers at various locations.

FDM Prepared status indicates that the courier has reached your nearest DTDC distribution center or franchise and is ready to be delivered soon. Understanding the FDM Prepared status and the preparation process of DTDC  can help you know when the courier will reach your doorstep. You can explore more about FDM in detail, like its importance, the approaches used to prepare FDM status, etc. in this blog. FDM-prepared status ensures efficient distribution of couriers, making sure that the customers are satisfied with the DTDC delivery services.


What is FDM Prepared in DTDC? 

The full form of FDM is ‘Franchise Delivery Manifest’ or ‘Franchise Distribution Manifest’, Whereas the word ‘ FDM Prepared’ is used to show that the order is ready for distribution or delivery.

FDM-prepared in DTDC is designed and made to streamline and organise the process of delivery at various locations. It is generally shown when you are tracking the status of your order. This status is used to indicate that your parcel has reached the nearest distribution center or franchise of the courier company in your city or near your location, and the delivery agent will deliver your parcel soon. 

Delivery Timeframe Following FDM Preparation by DTDC

The delivery timeframe of DTDC after preparing FDM is usually between 5 hours to 3 days. However, the delivery time may vary depending on multiple factors, which include the following:

  • Types of delivery services: DTDC offers various types of courier services, each with different delivery speeds to cater to different requirements. The courier services include standard delivery, express premium delivery, express delivery, economy delivery, and same-day delivery. Delivery times for premium services are faster than those for economy services.
  • Distance: The distance between the sender and the receiver also impacts the delivery time. The deliveries to be done in the same cities following FDM preparation can be fulfilled within a few hours or 1-2 days. Whereas interstate or international deliveries take longer than the domestic and local ones.
  • Number of working days: The number of working days also impacts the delivery time frame of the courier. Weekends and public holidays can cause occasional delays in parcel delivery. 
  • Special seasons: The volume of orders rises during festive seasons and other special occasions, which affects how quickly packages are delivered.
  • Type of shipping opted: The type of shipping chosen by the sender also impacts the delivery time frame. The air freight deliveries will be faster than others but expensive too.
  • Additional services: If the sender or receiver has demanded any additional services like special handling, insurance, delivery in remote locations, etc., this also affects the delivery time after FDM preparation.
  • Unexpected situations: There can be unexpected situations like lockdowns, natural disasters, or any other restrictions that might delay the delivery process unintentionally.

The delivery time frames following FDM preparation depend on multiple factors, which are mentioned above; however, DTDC always provides real-time tracking services to its customers to track orders in real-time and avoid any convenience. Such real-time tracking services help customers have a satisfactory delivery experience.

Steps to Take if the Parcel is Not Delivered 

If your parcel is not delivered by DTDC within a few days following the FDM prepared status, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to know the exact status of it. Make sure to keep courier details like sender’s details, receiver’s details, date of ordering, tracking number, etc., handy.

  • Contact DTDC customer support: You can contact customer support if the DTDC website’s tracking information does not provide much clarity about the delivery status. You can simply reach out to the customer support team through phone, email, or online chat to know the exact location and status of your parcel.
  • Visit a nearby DTDC office: Visiting the nearest DTDC office or hub to inquire about your undelivered parcel is also a good option. You can ask them about the location or status of the parcel after providing the necessary details.
  • Request investigation: Request DTDC to initiate an investigation about the whereabouts of your parcel and identify the reason for the delay and the current status of the parcel.
  • Raise a complaint: If nothing works out and the parcel is still missing, you can raise a complaint through the nearest DTDC branch coordinator or DTDC’s website about the incident.
  • DTDC compensation options: DTDC provides multiple compensation options to its customers if such mishaps happen. Depending on the situation and solutions provided by DTDC, you can choose from eligible compensation and reimbursement options.


The ‘Franchise Delivery Manifest’ (FDM) acts as a differentiating factor for the DTDC courier service provider and has an important role in the delivery process. In the world of courier services, it is important to understand the journey of a parcel from its sender to the recipient. FDM prepared status by DTDC is an important checkpoint to indicate that the parcel is ready to be delivered. Customers should know FDM prepared status and its features to understand the parcel’s status given in real-time. As the courier or logistics industry grows in the future, we can expect that FDMs will become more important and will be able to provide transparency, efficiency, and a customer-centric delivery experience.

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