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How Shiprocket Helped ‘Inspiring Indians’ Reach Every Nook & Corner of India


Mayank Nailwal

Content Marketing Specialist @ Shiprocket

December 17, 2019

4 min read

Innovation drives success and success drives engagement. The story of Saran Kumar, one of our sellers at Shiprocket is as inspirational as it is gratifying. The owner of Inspiring Indians – an eCommerce store featuring handmade gifting items and mobile accessories, Saran’s business has grown exponentially. Operating from Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh – Saran has been a Shiprocket user for one and a half years, and he was delighted to share his experience with Nishtha Chawla, one of our marketing specialists at Shiprocket.

Let us read what Mr. Saran has to say about his business and his shipping partner, Shiprocket:

Tell us about your brand.

Saran: Inspiring Indians is about shopping to your heart’s content. On Amazon and Flipkart, people don’t get handmade products usually, as opposed to my web store. I am trying to develop the platform to a level where various sellers can come together to provide an unforgettable shopping experience to their customers. 

How did you come across Shiprocket?

Saran: I discovered Shiprocket through a Facebook advertisement.

Seller Speaks Series Shiprocket

Why did you start using Shiprocket? What drove you to work with us?

Saran: Before Shiprocket, I used to go to the local courier partner’s office to execute product delivery. It used to be a very exhausting task. I used to wake up every day at 9 am and then travel all day to the courier partner’s office. On the downside, such courier partners didn’t have extensive pin codes coverage. A lot of the areas were not serviceable. I had to send my packages in such areas at all cost. 

When I came across Shiprocket, I knew this was the ideal platform for my business requirements. 

We are glad you chose Shiprocket. Tell us how you came up with Inspiring Indians?

Saran: First things first – I never wanted to work for someone else. The notion of 9 to 5 desk job was never fit for me. As I got done with college, a resounding “NO” resonated with me and I was sure to do something of my own. 

Any reason you can specify for not settling for a 9 to 5 job?

Saran: To me – it is related to hard work and money. Why would I work for someone else when I could start my own business and keep the profits in my pocket?! 

But it’s not that easy. Is it?

Saran: It isn’t. But eventually, I started my own souvenir business, and today here I am (laughs) being interviewed by you.

By far, what did you like most about Shiprocket?

Saran: As mentioned earlier – with Shiprocket, I can send my packages almost anywhere in the country. The cost of shipping also falls in the budget. It is affordable, and it gives me the advantage of lower shipping costs. People resultantly flock over to my website than to those of my competitors.

Okay. Other than reachability, how satisfied are you with the product experience? 

Saran: Do you mean the UI? It’s good. I never faced any difficulty in creating shipments. 

What about the Mobile App? And the features?

Saran: Oh! it’s easy. The API integration is a fantastic feature –  I have integrated Amazon and WooCommerce into my account.

How has Shiprocket benefitted your Business?

Saran: Shiprocket has made the entire shipping process seamless. It is the outcome of the simplified shipping, along with timely order deliveries that I have witnessed robust growth in my order volume.

How significant is the growth?

Saran: My order volume has increased by 10X within a year and a half. To me – every customer wants the same thing – timely order deliveries. With Shiprocket – I am able to maintain the same. Additionally, I have seen a decline in RTO orders as well.

We’re glad your business is availing from us. Any final words about Shiprocket for our first Seller Speaks story?

Saran: I think Shiprocket is a pioneer of all shipping partners. It fits for all the sellers who want to send their shipments to any region in India or overseas at a relatively low cost. Thank you.

Customers like Mr. Saran Kumar are our motivation to keep improving our platform so that we are able to provide delightful shipping experiences. With more than 30,000 happy sellers and an extensive reach to over 26,000 pin codes in India, Shiprocket is constantly trying to boost customer satisfaction. 

If you also want to grow your business and get featured on our section, then register today and work with India’s #1 shipping and logistics platform. 

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