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ShipRocket API Document Helpsheet

The following steps will help you get through Shiprocket API Documentation:

[ Base URL: apiv2.shiprocket.in ]

  1. Navigate to Shiprocket Settings>Company.
  2. Click on Generate API User Menu and then Click on Create API User.
  3. Please enter a Valid Email ID which is different from currently used registered email.
  4. Input an appropriate password.
  5. The same credentials will be shared on the given email.
  6. The next step will be to use the POST Authentication API in the given URL to Generate your Token for each request. http://devdockui.shiprocket.in/


Instructions for Channels:

  1. GET list of all channels /v1/external/channels: This API helps seller get a list of channels ID and their configurations. After using this request, the seller can then POST Custom Channel Order.


Instructions for Orders:

  1. POST Create Custom Order /v1/external/orders/create/adhoc : By using this API, the seller can create new orders in Shiprocket Application.
  2. GET all Orders /v1/external/orders: By passing the parameters in the dev document, the API user can get all the Orders for your user id.
  3. GET Order ID /v1/external/orders/show/{id}: The user can get Order details for Individual Order id.
  4. POST Order Cancellation /v1/external/orders/cancel: With this API the seller can post Order Cancellation Status on Shiprocket Application.
  5. POST Create Channel Order /v1/external/orders/create: By using the API, the seller can create orders for particular Channel in Shiprocket App.


Instructions for Shipments:

  1. GET all Shipments /v1/external/shipments: Using this request, the API user can get all the shipments created in Shiprocket.
  2. GET Shipment details /v1/external/shipments/{id}: The seller can get details of a particular shipment ID using this API.


Instructions for AWB Assignment:

  1. POST /v1/external/courier/assign/awb: Using this request, the API user will generate AWB for a particular shipment. AWB can be assigned in bulk. This API also gives user an option to reassign the AWB.


Instructions for Labels:

  1. POST Generate Label /v1/external/courier/generate/label: The API User will get a label Url in response. AWB number should be assigned to the Posting Shipment ID.


Instructions for Manifest:

  1. POST Manifest /v1/external/orders/print/manifest: The user can post multiple Order IDs and get Shiprocket Manifest URL in response.
  2. POST Generate Manifest /v1/external/manifests/generate: The API user will get Manifest URL when he/she Posts Multiple Shipment IDs in this API.


Instructions for Tracking:

  1. Get AWB Tracking Details /v1/external/courier/track/awb/{awb_code}: The API user will get tracking data for the particular AWB Number.
  2. Get Shipment Tracking Details /v1/external/courier/track/shipment/{shipment_id}: Using this request, the user will get tracking details of a particular Shipment ID.
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