Ship Without Interruptions

Use your COD remittance as shipping credits to ship hassle free

Ship Without

Manually Recharging Your Wallet

Experience a seamless shipping process by utilizing your COD remittance amount as shipping credits

  • Transfer Shipping Credits Automatically

    Transfer a part of your COD remittance directly to your Shiprocket wallet and ship conveniently

  • Steady Cash Flow

    With thrice a week COD remittance, enjoy undisturbed shipping with a steady cash flow

  • Ship Without Hindrance

    Let go of the need to recharge your wallet manually every time you plan to ship with Shiprocket. Ship directly with postpaid.

How Does

Postpaid Work?

Experience a seamless shipping process by utilizing your remittance as shipping credits

  • Step 1

    Seller processes a shipment

  • Step 2

    Buyer pays using cash

  • Step 3

    Seller opts for Postpaid

  • Step 4

    During remittance

    • 1. A part of it goes to the seller’s wallet
    • 2. Remaining amount is transferred to his bank account

Fulfill Orders Without An Additional Fee!

No need to pay a setup/monthly fees for using Shiprocket. Pay as you go for each order!

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Postpaid

Is All My COD Remittance Money Converted To Shipping Credits?

No, only a set percentage of your COD remittance will be converted to shipping credits. Depending on your shipping on the Shiprocket panel, this limit will be gradually increased.

How Can I Activate Shiprocket Postpaid?

Go to → Settings → Remittance Settings → Activate the toggle for Shiprocket Postpaid. Get Started

Can I Activate This Feature In The Mobile App?

No, Shiprocket Postpaid is only available for the desktop version currently. You can log in there and activate it. Read More

Will I be Charged Anything Extra For Converting COD to Shipping Credits?

No. This feature is included with your account, and you do not need to pay any fees for this. Read More

Will I Need To Stop Shipping With Shiprocket If I don’t Receive COD Orders For Long?

No. You can simply recharge your account and continue shipping with Shiprocket.