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Picking the right courier partners is one of the biggest challenges that any merchant faces. The choice of courier partners can impact all the key metrics for your eCommerce business, such as delivery time, shipping cost, reverse pickup, and customer satisfaction in general.

With our recommendation engine, you can choose the appropriate courier partner for your shipment based on the pickup and delivery locations of your order. The platform does a comparative analysis of all the courier partners and gives ratings to them after evaluating their performance on multiple parameters.

With ShipRocket, now you can get a deeper insight on important shipping metrics, and choose the right courier partner for your shipment!

Shipping Metrics that we consider to rate the courier partners:

1. COD Remittance: The time taken by the courier company to transfer the Cash-On-Delivery amount received from your customer back to your bank account.
2. Return to Origin (RTO): Percentage of orders that have been returned as ‘Undelivered’ by the courier partner.
3. Pick-up Performance: The average time taken by the courier company to pick the order from the merchant’s warehouse, and the quality of the service level.
4. Delivery Performance: It signifies the maximum time a courier company is committing for successful delivery of the shipment.

Key Benefits:

1. Choose the Right Delivery Partner: With all the information you have about each courier partner; you can pick the perfect one on the basis of the ratings.
2.  Prioritize Your Orders: As per the ratings, you have four settings you can choose from:
# Best Rated: It will automatically pick courier partners with the best ratings across all parameters for the selected source and destination pin code.
# Cheapest: It will automatically select the courier partner who has the cheapest rates amongst all the courier partners.
# Fastest: It will automatically pick the carrier partner who has the fastest delivery time amongst all the courier partners.
# Custom: You can set a custom preference for the choice of courier partners, to the best of your judgement.
3. Save Costs: Now you can pick the cheapest courier partners, and save a lot on your shipping costs.
4. Reduce Delivery Time: You can choose the fastest courier partners, and make your customers happy by delivering in a speedier way.


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