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Air Freight Forwarders in India: Efficiency & Growth

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

June 24, 2024

7 min read

In today’s developing global market, the ability to transport goods efficiently and reliably is more important than ever. Air freight forwarders in India play a crucial part in logistics and supply chain, making sure that goods are transported efficiently from one place to another. 

The air freight forwarders are specialists in air transportation, as they offer multiple services that are much more than just the shipping of goods. From booking the cargo space to handling customs clearance and delivering the goods, they provide comprehensive solutions to streamline operations and improve transportation. 

As India continues to establish its position as an important player in international trade, air freight forwarders will be important. They contribute not only to the commerce industry but also to the growth of the economy and infrastructure of India, which will make it a global logistics hub.

Air Freight Forwarders

Air Freight Forwarders in India

Air freight forwarders in India specialise in and are responsible for the transportation of goods by air. They play a significant part in the logistics and supply chain industries of the country, making sure that the goods reach their destination efficiently and cost-effectively. Air freight forwarders in India provide multiple services, including cargo space booking, paperwork, documentation, consolidation, warehousing, deconsolidation, tracking, customs clearance guidance, etc. 

In India, freight forwarders can operate through domestic and international services, using up-to-date technology to streamline operations efficiently. They also assist their customers in customs clearance with their wide network of agents, which also includes other airlines and shipping company executives they have collaborated with.

Air freight forwarders in India are important as they facilitate the efficient movement of goods by supporting trade and commerce while contributing to the country’s economic growth. Freight forwarders also contribute to India’s development by:

  • Demanding better infrastructure for airports, highways, seaports, etc., 
  • Creating jobs in the logistics sector
  • Developing a skilled workforce in India by conducting training programmes and certifications in logistics and supply chain management, 
  • Adopting the latest technologies 
  • Providing fuel-efficient options to contribute towards environmental sustainability. 

Services Offered by Air Freight Forwarders

Air freight forwarders provide a wide range of offerings to meet the varying needs of customers and to make sure there is efficient and safe transportation of goods by air. These include:

  1. Documentation: Freight forwarders prepare and manage necessary shipping documents like commercial invoices, air waybills, packing lists, export and import declaration forms, certificates, etc. They also ensure that the goods and documents comply with global trade regulations and customs requirements.
  2. Customs Clearance Guidance: They facilitate customs clearance guidance for goods at both the origin and destination. They also interact with customs officials to prevent possible delays and handle other regulatory requirements, such as taxes and duties.
  3. Cargo Space Booking: Freight forwarders negotiate rates with airlines to book cargo space for your goods on commercial and chartered flights at reasonable prices.
  4. Consolidation: They can include multiple small shipments into one large shipment to organise space and reduce time and cost.
  5. Packaging and Labelling: They provide packaging for goods during transportation and label them as per international airlines and regulations.
  6. Storage: Air freight forwarders also provide temporary storage solutions, manage inventory, and handle logistics in secured facilities.
  7. Deconsolidation: They can also turn large shipments into multiple smaller shipments at the destination for final delivery.
  8. Delivery: Freight forwarders offer door-to-door delivery services, including picking up products from the sender’s location and delivering them to the doorstep. They also coordinate with the ground transportation service providers if required.
  9. Tracking Services: Air freight forwarders offer real-time tracking of shipments through advanced technology, which provides regular updates to clients about their shipment’s status and location.
  10. Insurance: Customers can also purchase insurance coverage according to the goods and shipping routes to protect their goods from possible losses and damages.

Some of the Indian air freight forwarders also provide some value-added services other than these standard services to enhance customer experience and efficiency. Some of these value-added services are:

  1. eCommerce Logistics Solutions: Few freight forwarders offer tailored and customised solutions for customers in the fast-paced eCommerce sector. This includes fast shipping options and return management.
  2. Express and Expedited Shipping Services: There are also fast shipping options available for customers who need urgent deliveries.
  3. Temperature-Controlled Shipping: Freight forwarders also provide specialised temperature-controlled services for temperature-sensitive goods, such as food products and medications.
  4. Advisory Services: Freight forwarders provide information and advice about shipping methods, routes, practices, regulatory changes or market trends that might affect shipping, cost, and efficiency. 

Benefits of Using Air Freight Forwarders

Air freight forwarders provide multiple benefits to businesses that transport goods efficiently and reliably. Some of the key benefits are:

  1. Global Reach: Air freight forwarders have a wide network of airlines and agents around the world, providing international shipping and the capability to reach remote destinations that are difficult for other modes of transport to access.
  2. Speed: Air freight forwarders are one of the fastest modes of transportation, which also reduces the time needed to travel long distances.
  3. Security: Airlines have high security and safety standards, which decrease the risk of damage or theft.
  4. Customs clearance: Freight forwarders are experts in customs regulations and procedures to facilitate smooth clearance of goods. They are also proficient in the management of important documents, reducing the risk of delays and errors.
  5. Flexibility: Air freight forwarders are flexible as they adapt and provide services as per different shipment sizes, types, and business needs.
  6. Cost Efficiency: Freight forwarders can combine different small shipments into one large shipment to reduce costs. They are also capable of negotiating with airlines for better prices.
  7. Real-Time Tracking: Freight forwarders use advanced technologies and tracking systems that enable customers to track the status of their shipments.  

Choosing the Right Air Freight Forwarder

Choosing the right air freight forwarder is important to ensure smooth and efficient logistics. Some factors that you must consider while choosing an air freight forwarder include:

  1. Choose a freight forwarder who has experience and expertise in your industry, as different industries and goods have different requirements.
  2. A freight forwarder must have a global network of partners and agents who know local origin and destination points for seamless international or domestic shipping.
  3. Choose an air freight forwarder who has a track record of successful shipments and satisfied customers.
  4. The air freight forwarder must offer different services like customs clearance, cargo space booking, special handling for goods, insurance, final delivery, etc.
  5. The freight forwarder must provide real-time tracking services, logistics services, automated documentation, etc.
  6. The freight forwarding companies should provide detailed quotes and pricing information about the range of services they are providing to you while ensuring that there are no hidden charges, etc.
  7. The air freight forwarder must have in-depth knowledge of customs regulations and procedures to ensure there are no delays or penalties.
  8. Ensure that the air freight forwarder you are choosing is recognised by bodies like IATA or FIATA.
  9. You should consider a freight forwarder who provides sustainable practices and solutions like fuel-efficient transportation, carbon offset programmes, eco-friendly packing solutions, etc.


In India, air freight forwarders offer more than just transportation services, as they are the backbone of the economy’s growth, infrastructure, and technological developments. Choosing an air freight forwarder is an important decision that can impact a business’s logistics, efficiency, and overall success. Air freight forwarders provide customised solutions, use advanced technologies, and maintain a wide global network of connections to make sure that the goods are delivered swiftly and efficiently.

In the coming time, businesses will be largely dependent on global supply chain experts and the services of air freight forwarders. You should select a freight forwarder like CargoX who can meet the industry-specific standards and your needs to make sure that your business has smooth operations, great customer satisfaction, and a competitive edge in the international market. The constantly developing air freight forwarding industry in India promises to contribute to innovation and efficiency.

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