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How to Choose the Ideal Air Freight Provider for Your Business?

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

March 12, 2024

7 min read

Businesses across the globe are using air freight to expand their global reach and generate greater revenue. The eCommerce industry growth is the major factor that contributed to the flourishing air freight sector. Statistics reveal that goods worth more than USD 6 trillion are transported to different parts of the world via air every year. This amount is likely to rise in the times to come as the number of businesses trying to establish a global foothold is increasing with every passing day. Air freight is comparatively costlier than the other modes of transport. Even so, it offers numerous benefits, owing to which its popularity is on the rise. It enables quick and efficient transportation of goods to ensure timely deliveries. You should choose a reliable air freight provider to enjoy these benefits with peace of mind. 

Selecting an ideal air cargo provider is crucial for secure and successful deliveries. We are going to help you with this critical task. In this article, we have shared some guidelines to help you find a reliable air freight provider for your delivery needs.

Choose the Ideal Air Freight Provider

Features to Look for in an Excellent Air Freight Provider

It is predicted that the number of aircraft carrying cargo will increase from 1,782 to 2,920 during the period 2019 to 2039, at a global level. This shows that the use of air cargo is likely to increase in the coming years. With this, the number of air freight providers is also expected to rise. Choosing between so many available options can be quite perplexing. It requires a systematic approach. Many things need to be factored in before selecting a service provider for your business. Here are some key points to consider while partnering with an air freight provider:

Experience and Expertise in the Industry

To fly your goods successfully to different parts of the world, it is important to follow stringent guidelines. There are different types of air cargo, including general cargo, special cargo, live animals, dangerous goods, perishable cargo, high-value goods, mail cargo, and temperature-controlled cargo among others. Different transportation guidelines have been set for each of these types and they need to be strictly adhered to when shipping goods. Knowledge about all these guidelines and other clauses related to air cargo is essential to ensure smooth transportation of goods.

Firsthand experience in this field is an added advantage. It gives an insight into the operations and industry best practices. An experienced air freight provider is more likely to complete the groundwork quickly and ensure timely deliveries. Thus, it is important to assess the service providers on these parameters before moving further.

Destination Network

To deliver your goods to different parts of the world, it is important to go for an air freight provider with a widespread global network. It should particularly have a strong network in the countries you are targeting. It is suggested to invest time in verifying that the company covers a large number of destinations including the key markets across the globe. It is equally important to check if it partners with multiple airlines worldwide to ensure smooth and swift deliveries. The air freight provider should be able to manage domestic as well as international shipments seamlessly.

Customer Service

Customers expect excellent customer service from the companies they deal with. They look for their queries and complaints to be resolved at the earliest. As per a survey, 78% of the customers will give another chance to a business even after it commits a mistake if its customer service is brilliant. Such is the power of customer service. However, the mistake most people make is that they do not assess the quality of customer service a brand offers before choosing it. Even if the product or service is good, poor customer service can ruin the experience. When it comes to air freight, you may want to inquire about your package at certain stages during the transit. Likewise, you might require help with documentation or some other related assistance. To ensure you get all the needed assistance timely and accurate, it is essential to choose an air freight provider that boasts excellent customer service. Reportedly, around 3 out of 5 customers agree that good customer service makes them loyal to a brand. If you too agree to it, then consider this factor timely. Find out whether the freight provider’s customer support personnel are knowledgeable, reliable, and willing to help.

Use of Advanced Technology

Air cargo providers are leveraging new-age technologies such as the Internet of Things and Big Data. These facilitate real-time tracking of cargo, streamline freight operations, and predict potential risks during the transit. With the use of advanced systems, companies ensure timely and efficient delivery of goods to various parts of the world. They can avert any issues that may hinder the smooth transportation of goods. It is suggested to go for an air freight provider that offers a user-friendly platform for tracking your shipments in real-time. Such ease of access and transparency indicates a business’ commitment to serve the customers efficiently. Some air cargo providers offer additional services, such as automated alerts and electronic documentation.

Dependability and Timely Delivery

Lastly, the air freight company you choose must be completely dependable. Its management as well as workers must be committed to prioritising the customers’ needs. They should have a track record of ensuring smooth and timely deliveries. It is suggested to learn about the service provider by checking its testimonials or getting in touch with its previous clients. The company must also have strong contingency plans in place to tackle unforeseen situations that may arise during the course. It is important to understand the strategies they plan to use to avert delay in case of an unforeseen situation.


Choosing an ideal air freight provider is crucial to ensure your goods reach their destination safely and timely. You can drill down to find a suitable and reliable logistics service like Shiprocket’s CargoX that can swiftly and securely transport air cargo across borders. They use advanced technology, provide excellent customer service, and have a widespread network in more than 100 international locations. 

It is anticipated that the global air cargo market will grow by 19.52 million tonnes between 2023 and 2027. This means that it will grow at a CAGR of 5.32% during this period. Thus, the number of air cargo providers may also increase worldwide. Some of them may even offer services at a lower price in an attempt to capture the market. Following the above checklist should help in finding a reliable freight partner.

Do air freight providers facilitate the transportation of vehicles?

Yes, many air freight providers transport vehicles to different parts of the world. You must enquire about the facility by contacting the provider you aim to partner with. Cargo companies mostly require information about the make and model of the vehicles to determine their weight, height, and length to provide a quote and make necessary arrangements.

What are some reliable air freight providers in India?

Express Air Logistics, ICL International Freight Forwarders, iKargos.com, Pacific Maritime Private Limited, Virtual Oplossing, and  G-Trade Exim are some of the reliable air freight providers in India.

How much do air freight providers charge for their service?

The fees charged by air freight providers completely depend on the amount and kind of goods that need to be transported and the distance to be covered. You must share the details about the goods to be transported with your short-listed cargo companies. In addition to this, you must also share the specific locations to which they need to be carried to get the quote.

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