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CargoX: Ship Globally, Grow Exponentially

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

March 27, 2024

6 min read

The ever-dynamic realm of commerce is accustomed to reforms. Digitalisation is another step forward in the direction of reshaping the industry and its business model. CargoX has evolved with the evolving market demands, to accommodate the needs of flourishing eCommerce. It’s a venture to make international air cargo shipping an effortless process for businesses. CargoX boasts unmatched global logistics operations, facilitating the seamless movement of bulk shipments across borders.     

In an eCommerce world increasingly leaning towards globalisation to reach great heights in business, smooth international shipping and timely delivery are critical to gaining and retaining international customers. For such ambitious businesses, CargoX provides the logistics tools and support to expand their market reach.

 This article will provide you with everything you need to know about CargoX.

CargoX Enabling Businesses Capture International Market

Features of CargoX Platform

  • Fastest Shipping Mode

CargoX offers the fastest cargo transportation mode, air cargo shipping, for your eCommerce goods. Businesses can smoothly ship their bulky consignments across borders without worrying about the intricacies of international shipping regulations and procedures. CargoX will handle all the global logistics operations for you, enabling seamless movement of your shipments.

  • Easy Customs Clearance

CargoX eases your burden of doing the complex documentation work for international air cargo shipping. They manage all the paperwork for you, leading to a simplified clearance process. This also avoids the risk of delay in shipping.  

  • Swift International Delivery

CargoX guarantees swift and secure international air cargo shipment, ensuring timely door-to-door B2B  delivery of shipments. CargoX has an extensive network of global partners which maintains its ease of doing business with international clients. 

  • Real-Time Tracking

The shipment process is transparent and you can track the consignments’ journey in real-time. This is made possible with real-time tracking technology, which enables visibility and better structuring of the transportation process. 

  • Analytical Dashboard

To aid businesses in organising their logistics, an analytical dashboard provides insights about their shipping metrics, courier performance, nationwide distribution, buyers’ persona, etc. 

  • Global Business Reach

Businesses can now trade worldwide because of CargoX’s global presence. They serve more than 100 overseas destinations. Here are some of the countries that CargoX services-

  • United States
  • China 
  • European Union 
  • India
  • Brazil
  • Australia
  • United Arab Emirates 
  • South Africa 
  • Branded Tracking Page

The customer experience would witness a forward leap because businesses can now customise their tracking pages. 

  • Shipment Insurance

Shipments are layered with extra security because CargoX provides comprehensive insurance coverage. The security cover ranges from minimum protection to premium plans which offer extensive coverage for high-value shipments. 

  • Returns Management

CargoX arranges for the timely pick up of return items and stores them in their warehouse for the seller’s next order.

  • Dedicated Seller Support

Relentless customer support is provided to ensure a satisfactory customer experience. 

  • Multiple Channel Integration Facility

Sellers can combine several marketplaces, eCommerce platforms, carriers, and carts into a single worldwide shipping platform by utilising CargoX’s technological stack. Multiple-channel integration is enabled in the following ways:

  1. Automated Data Syncing – Designed and drafted to save time, data entry errors and resources. This feature retrieves order details and transfers them directly to CargoX whenever a customer places an eCommerce order.
  2. Streamlined Documentation – All the necessary documents for international shipping can be procured right after the order is placed. 
  3. Scalability – As businesses grow and evolve, they tend to integrate with additional eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. CargoX assists in the efficient integration. 
  4. Centralised Management – Businesses can track shipments from multiple eCommerce platforms using one single management dashboard provided by CargoX. This makes it easier to update order status from multiple platforms using a single interface. 

Advantages of Shipping With CargoX

  • Smooth and Fast Shipping

 CargoX is modelled on the principle of customer satisfaction and hence smooth and fast shipping is mandated.  

  • Ship to Several International Destinations

Taking advantage of CargoX’s wide reach around the globe, businesses can easily land in the international market without facing many risk factors in shipping and logistics. 

  • Door-to-door B2B Delivery

Door-to-door B2B delivery is accomplished, ensuring safe transport from the supplier to the customer. 

  • Global Expansion of Your Brand

By leveraging the branded tracking facility enabled by CargoX, businesses can customise their products and solidify their brand. It helps businesses establish their presence in the global markets. 

  • Cost-Effective Shipping

Streamlining logistical operations allows CargoX to offer competitive rates, making it a cost-effective solution for international shipping. 

How Businesses Simplified Their International Shipping With CargoX?

Here are some notable examples of businesses that benefited from CargoX’s international shipping service.

Example 1: Tech Gadget Manufacturer – GizmoTech Innovations

Upon facing a plethora of discrepancies with the shipment of their products, the tech gadget manufacturer, GizmoTech Innovations switched their shipping partner to CargoX.  Thereafter, they enjoyed the smoothest shipping process they could get, with enviable costs and ease of doing business. The company increased its market reach, expanding to international markets and building a loyal client base. 

Example 2: Fashion Retailer – Vogue Visions 

Vogue Visions, a fashion retail brand was able to build a global reach using CargoX’s efficient logistics features. The services enabled them to achieve smooth customs clearance and swift international delivery using air freight benefits. 


If you are an eCommerce business looking to reach the international market and propel your business growth, then wait no more and partner with CargoX. Since they offer a wide range of logistics services, businesses wanting to expand their global reach can greatly benefit from them! Partner with CargoX and experience a whole new realm of international air cargo shipping.

Can I use CargoX for my small business?

Absolutely! CargoX caters to all businesses irrespective of their size, market value and longevity. They are there to help you deliver safely.

I’m concerned about the security of shipments, what should I do?

Rightfully so. After all, your products and documentation are of utmost importance to you. However, that’s where CargoX works its magic because those documents are equally important to them and they maintain a secure and transparent shipping process with the use of blockchain technology.

How does CargoX negotiate shipment delays?

CargoX is extremely inclined to provide dedicated seller support to work out issues such as shipment delays. They partner up with their agencies to minimise potential business harm. 

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