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Ecom Express Courier Charges: A Rate Card

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

March 21, 2024

7 min read

In the eCommerce sector, monitoring the delivery cost of various courier services is crucial for selecting an ideal 3PL partner. If you are planning to partner with Ecom Express courier services for your shipping needs, you should have an idea about their courier charges. As eCommerce grows, knowing how much will it cost to ship your merchandise is crucial to effectively regulating business spending. Since shipping costs frequently change based on package weight and location, you must be aware of the variables to plan your budget and avoid unexpected expenses. Understanding the rate card facilitates smooth shipping processes and delivery services. 

Read further to know more about the elements that influence Ecom Express courier prices, as well as the contents of their invoice. Use the Ecom Express courier pricing calculator to estimate delivery charges.

Ecom Express Courier Charges

Factors Influencing the Ecom Express Delivery Charges

There are several key factors to consider when understanding Ecom Express courier charges:

  • Pick-up Area Pin Code: It is vital to know the pick-up area pin codes served by a courier. You will be charged extra fees and may face possible delays during pick-up if your location is not within the regular delivery network of the courier. Choosing a logistics partner that is located in your location, therefore, guarantees easier and more effective shipping procedures.
  • Pin Code of the Destination: The destination’s pin code has a major influence on the shipping cost. Shipping rates often increase with package distance from the point of origin to the destination.
  • Product Weight: A major factor in deciding shipping expenses is the mass of your merchandise. Heavier commodities often incur greater transportation expenses, thus it is critical to optimise packaging to reduce weight while maintaining product safety.
  • Shipping Insurance for High-Value Items: This insurance offers security if your packages are misplaced, or damaged during the transit. It can cause the cost of delivery to increase. However, the additional charge provides security, especially for things of high value.
  • Package Dimensions: The length, breadth, and height of your package can have a big influence on the shipping cost. When setting prices, couriers often take the size or dimensional weight of the shipment into account. You can reduce the shipping expenses for your eCommerce company by effectively using available space in the package and eliminating needless packing layers.
  • Extra Services: Consider the range of services that logistics partners offer. These include inventory management, order fulfillment, warehousing, etc. It can help you save money over time by simplifying your business processes. 

Estimating Delivery Charges Using Ecom Express Courier Price Calculator 

To estimate delivery charges using the Ecom Express Courier Price Calculator, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find the Courier Price Calculator tool on their website. It’s often located on the website under the price or delivery sections.
  1. Fill out the relevant information regarding your cargo. This includes the destination address, ZIP code, sending date, and contents of the package for both the sender and the recipient.
  1. Select your preferred method of delivery. Based on the size and weight of your cargo, choose a flat rate, postcard, letter, huge envelope, package, or large package, etc.
  1. Give further information when asked. You will be asked to enter the weight or dimension of your package.
  1. Take a look at your shipping choices. Their tool will display the costs associated with the shipment type you have selected, together with the projected dates and price of delivery. You can also use this tool to know all delivery alternatives available to compare the costs.
  1. Add additional services as needed. For extra convenience and security, you could add options like Registered Mail, Certificate of Mailing, Insurance, etc.
  1. Select “Continue” to view the approximate delivery cost of your shipment to its intended location.
  1. Pay the shipping and postal fees for your package. Depending on how the Ecom Express website is configured, you can print the required stamps for your cargo or finish the payment process online.

Following these steps will allow you to simply estimate the delivery charges for your shipment using the Ecom Express courier charges calculator.

Content of an Ecom Express Invoice

When you receive an invoice for your shipments, it typically includes essential details to help you understand the charges and specifics of your delivery. 

  1. Weight

One of the most crucial factors on the shipping invoice is the weight of your cargo. This is the standard calculation method:

  1. If your product’s measurements aren’t specified, shipping companies will use its average estimated weight.
  2. The volumetric weight is calculated using a method that considers the package’s height, width, and length if you provide the measurements.
  3. Next, this is divided by a certain number usually 167, to determine the final weight.
  4. The required shipping rate is then computed by rounding this weight.
  1. Zone

The zone is important information that can affect the price estimation of your shipment. The PINs linked to the pick-up and delivery sites are used to identify this zone. To send the product to the correct zone, Ecom Express delivery services often utilise software to automatically connect these pin codes against a master list. By finding the zone on your invoice, you can ensure that your shipping transactions are accurate and better understand how the costs are estimated. 

  1. Rate

All applicable charges for your orders are included in the rate section of your invoice. It defines the dates for which these prices are valid. This assures price transparency and helps you understand what to expect from the cost of delivering your things. The projected pricing is often determined automatically by the software these service providers employ. It is calculated depending on the specifics of your cargo. The rates on the invoice help you understand the shipping expenses. 

  1. Charges

Generally, your invoice will include information regarding the following charges related to your shipment:

  1. Forward Charges: These fees cover the costs of forwarding or delivering your product. The weight of your package is taken into account while calculating them. There’s a fixed charge if the weight of your package is within a given range. There is an extra fee for each additional unit of weight if it goes beyond that range.
  1. RTO Charges: RTO stands for “Return to Origin.” If the shipment is returned to the sender for any reason, return fees become applicable. RTO fees are determined by the shipment’s weight, just like forward costs are. There is a fixed charge for a specified weight range, plus an additional charge for each additional unit of weight.
  1. COD Charges: COD stands for “cash on delivery.” There might be COD fees associated with your shipment if the recipient has to pay for products at the time of delivery. These fees are either a fixed sum or a portion of the cost of the item.
  1. GST: Goods and Services Tax is a tax that is added to the final amount once forward charges, RTO costs, and COD charges have been deducted.
  1. Final Amount: This is the entire cost of the shipping service that you are obliged to pay. It covers GST, COD, RTO, and forwarding fees.

Shiprocket’s Partnering With Ecom Express: Providing Excellent Courier Service

An eCommerce business entrepreneur aiming to boost their shipping process and provide top-notch services to their customers can rely on Shiprocket for the ultimate logistics solution. You can also offer your customers quick delivery options like next-day and 1-2-day services with the help of Shiprocket. You can easily streamline your shipping process and provide your clients with a smooth order-to-delivery journey.


When starting an online business, entrepreneurs frequently prioritise activities such as selecting an ideal business structure, choosing products, and promoting the news. However, the importance of shipping is commonly overlooked. Shipping plays a crucial role in determining the customer’s experience and has a direct impact on their degree of happiness. Every element of shipping affects the customer’s entire experience, from the speed of delivery to the state of the goods upon arrival. So while starting your online business, it is essential to pay careful attention to your delivery plan. This can have a big influence on customer retention and company success.

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