How to Apply Online for IEC (Import Export Code) [Guide]

Apply IEC code online process India

When you have decided to start your import-export business in India, it is expected that you must have done enough research on what products you would import or export as a part of your new business. But not many people know that you need an Import Export Code (IEC) certification to indulge in this type of business. This import-export license is provided to the business owners by Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Department of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. To learn how to do get IEC code offline, you can read our this post. And to know the procedure to apply for the IEC online, keep reading.

A step by step process to apply for the IEC (Import Export Code) online in India:

Step 1: Visit Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT)’s official website –

Step 2: From the top menu, select ‘Online Application’ >> ‘IEC’ >> ‘Online IEC Application’, as shown in the image below.

IEC Application DGFT Website

Step 3: On this screen, you will be asked to enter your ‘PAN’ card number. Enter your PAN number and click the button ‘Next’.

Step 4: On this next screen, select the radio button with the option – ‘Apply for Fresh e-IEC’. Then, enter your mobile number and email ID in the respective fields. Then, enter the captcha code in the given field, and click on the ‘Generate Token’ button to generate tokens. The tokens are basically one time passwords (OTPs) to verify your identity.

Step 5: You will receive two different tokens – one on your provided mobile number and another one on your provided email ID. Enter these tokens in the respective fields, as shown in the image below. Then, press the button ‘Submit’.

Enter IEC Tokens

Step 6: As you submit the details, you will be provided with an Ecom Reference ID for your application.

Step 7: On this next screen, you can fill up details related to your company or proprietorship firm, address, contact details, etc.

Step 8: You can pay IEC application fees online via different payment modes, like a Credit card, debit card, net banking, etc.

Step 9: You can upload the required documents easily in the image and/or PDF formats to get your IEC certification.

Step 10: Once done with all the steps, you can submit your application.

It normally takes 10 days to get the IEC code in India to do import-export business.

How to check the status of your IEC application?

You can easily check the status of your IEC code application online by providing your PAN number – Check IEC Status.

For more details on the online application process to be followed while applying for IEC in India, you can follow this guide too – IEC Online Application Process by DGFT.



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