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All You Need To Know About Laptop Courier Charges



Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

June 8, 2023

6 min read

Courier services play a crucial role in transporting packages and documents from one location to another, both domestically and internationally. However, some items are more sensitive or fragile than others and require gentle handling during transport. Electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones, and tablets fall under this category. When using courier services to send items like laptops, it’s a good idea to compare options and know the shipping costs they might charge. Factors such as service quality, price, and responsiveness should all be taken into consideration when selecting a courier company. Let’s learn more about how the cost of shipping laptops is calculated and what charges are involved in sending them via courier.

Laptop courier charges

Understanding Shipping Costs for Laptops

It is important to understand the factors that determine Shipping Costs for laptops. These charges are typically calculated based on the pickup and destination locations, shipping speed, weight, and dimensions of the package.

When getting your laptop ready for shipping, you have two options: pack it yourself or let the courier company handle the packing. If you go with the courier’s packing service, the cost will depend on the company you choose. Some courier services offer specialised laptop boxes for added protection during shipping. However, it’s always recommended to use the laptop’s original packaging for the safest transport. Proper insulation of the laptop using bubble wrap would be recommended. The wrap prevents chipping and puncturing of the box. In addition, it also keeps the laptop safe from static electricity and excess heat. 

It is important to take insurance coverage before despatching the laptop. The insurance will provide financial protection in case of any damage. The insurance value will depend on the market value of the laptop. For older laptops, insurance coverage will be lower. For newer laptops, there will be a higher amount of coverage.

The transit freight for moving the laptop will depend on the distance between the pickup and delivery locations. There will be a minimum charge applicable irrespective of the distance. The delivery can be standard delivery that will take a few days or express delivery such as next-day delivery. 

Factors That Determine Laptop Courier Charges in India

The shipping costs for laptops depend on many factors, such as:

  • Packaging: The cost of packaging for laptop delivery includes both materials and labour. Materials such as bubble wrap, paper, labels, tapes, glue, and cartons are necessary to ensure the laptop is protected during transport. Additionally, labour is required to pack the laptop securely. 
  • Insurance: It is important to take insurance coverage for the laptop. The older the laptop, the lower will be the insurance premium. This amount can be added as a component in the shipping charges for the laptop. 
  • Pickup charges: These charges cover the cost of sending personnel to pick up the laptop from the specified location. There will be a minimum slab of pickup charges. Further, it will depend on the distance of the pickup location from the courier service center.
  • Export taxes or import duty: In case the movement is across international boundaries, there will be the applicability of export taxes or import duty. The customs duty will depend on the customs tariff in the importing country. 
  • Delivery charges: This will include the charges for door delivery of the laptop after it has passed through all the various stages, such as packaging, pickup, customs clearance, and export taxes or import duty. The charges will differ depending on whether the courier will be sent as standard or express. It will also depend on the mode, such as rail, road, air, or sea.

Laptop Shipping Costs in India

Many courier companies have a calculator on their website that can be used to calculate the shipping charges. It also helps the customer to compare the rates of various courier companies. Based on the same, the customer can choose the best option to fit their budget. 

To obtain the Shipping Costs, measure the dimensions and weight of the laptop. The charges will be calculated based on the abovementioned parameters and the pickup location. 

The Shipping Costs will vary from one courier company to another. There are many courier companies in India, but only a few specialise in carrying laptops. The average cost of shipping a laptop within India is approximately between ₹600 to ₹1000.

Shiprocket’s Courier Services and Solutions

Shiprocket offers a wide range of shipping services that integrate with the top 25+ courier partners, allowing you to select the ideal partner for your needs. Shiprocket offers maximum security coverage for lost shipments and serves in 24,000+ pin codes across India and 220+ countries around the world. It have a wide network and provide thorough coverage. To ensure an exceptional customer experience, Shiprocket offers convenient pickup from multiple locations, efficient order tracking through SMS and email notifications, a white-labelled shipment tracking page, easy pickup for return orders, and more. Utilising cutting-edge technology for digitisation, Shiprocket is continuously improving the shipping experience. As a one-stop solution for eCommerce shipping needs, Shiprocket provides a superior and streamlined shipping experience for businesses.

Final Words

Laptop delivery requires special care and handling to ensure that it reaches its destination safely. It is important to select a courier service that offers cost-effective and reliable door-to-door service, insurance coverage, and tracking services. Proper laptop packaging is also essential to secure the laptop during transit. It is recommended to use the appropriate packaging materials, such as bubble wrap, cartons, and tape. To find the best shipping company for your laptop delivery needs, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to safely package your laptop for the courier?

To safely package your laptop, select a packaging material with enough strength, like double-walled boxes and use bubble wrap to encase the laptop before putting it into the box. It will also help to provide additional support to the box by lining the base and sides with cardboard. The box also requires to be sealed properly for extra stability.

What are the customs duties?

Customs duty is a tax payable on imported goods. When the courier is delivered from abroad, it is an import. Based on the HSN number of the item, various brackets of customs duties are applicable, varying from 10% to 30%.

What are the various products carried out by courier companies?

Courier companies carry decorative items, books, stationery, household items, and electronic items, including laptops. Some items, such as explosives, chemicals, human remains and animals, are restricted for carriage by courier.

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