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Everything About Professional Courier Charges & How It is Calculated



Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

May 11, 2023

6 min read

The thriving eCommerce industry has opened up vast opportunities for businesses to reach a diverse customer base. However, the successful delivery of products is achievable only through establishing partnerships with proficient courier service providers. These courier companies offer a range of shipping services, and the cost of their professional services is determined by factors such as the nature of the product, the type of service required, the chosen mode of transportation, and more.

Choosing the right courier service provider depends on factors like their service quality, pricing, and responsiveness. Courier companies constantly aim to improve service quality while keeping shipping costs competitive. They are a vital part of eCommerce, ensuring parcels are delivered smoothly at a reasonable fee. Let’s now explore what makes up professional courier charges and how they are calculated for a clearer picture.

They assist in the seamless delivery of parcels and charge an amount as a service charge. Let us understand what comprises professional courier charges and how they are calculated.

professional courier charges

What are Professional Courier Charges?

Courier charges are calculated based on package weight, volume, destination, shipping methodology, and dimensions. 

The weight of the package is of two types, namely, net weight and gross weight. The weight before packing the cargo is called net weight. The net weight plus the weight of the packaging is called gross weight. Courier charges are calculated based on gross weight. 

  • Net weight (weight before packaging)
  • Gross weight (net weight + weight of packaging)

At times, the volumetric weight comes into the picture. Certain parcels are voluminous. They may be light in weight but occupy more space. In such cases, volumetric weight is chargeable. The courier company must pay as per volumetric weight to the carrier service providers so the courier company passes the same on to the customer.

Some courier companies have their own rate calculators. This price list is on their website and helps to calculate the professional courier charges. It will give the customer an idea of the amount payable to move the courier package to the desired destination. Based on the delivery time, the courier charges will be higher. If the parcel must be delivered quickly, the charges will be high. As the courier company must route its workforce and resources to focus on urgent parcels, such urgent ones are at a higher courier rate. This is normally known as premium cost.

The average courier charges in India range from INR 40-100 per 500 gm to INR 200-500 per kg. These charges can vary depending on the delivery destination and weight of the package.

How are Professional Courier Charges Calculated?

A courier rate calculator estimates the cost of shipping the parcels. The calculator will ask for a few parameters, such as the number of parcels, dimensions, weights, contents, pickup location, and delivery location, urgent or normal parcel. Based on these, the calculator will provide the estimated courier charges. In this way, the courier rates are calculated. Then the customer can choose the best option that will fit their budget. 

As discussed above, some courier companies provide online rate calculators on their websites. This helps the customer to calculate the payable courier charges. It gives confidence to the customer that he can send the parcel in that price range as calculated on the online calculator. 

When couriers are delivered overseas, customs duties must be paid on the goods. This increases the overall cost of international courier deliveries. The rate calculator considers all relevant costs, including taxes, fuel surcharges, and insurance fees.

Few courier companies compare the actual weight with the volumetric weight. The greater weight of the two is used to work out the professional courier charges.

Professional Courier Cost within India

The courier charges vary slightly from one courier company to another. There are several courier companies in India, namely, DHL, Blue Dart, DTDC, Professional, Maruti, FedEx, and many more. The courier charges are dependent to a great extent on the air and road transport costs. 

The major bulk of the rate is the transportation cost. This cost is dependent on the cost of fuel. The rate for a normal parcel can range from Rs 80 to Rs 100 for a minimum slab of weight such as less than or equal to 3 kilograms. The rate for a parcel moving from one state to another can vary from Rs. 200 per kg to Rs. 700 per kg. Here also, a minimum slab of weight will be applicable. Some courier companies take a competitive rate of Rs 30 to Rs 50 for small parcels, such as documents, for moving within cities.

Professional Courier Charges to International Locations

Courier companies use their relationships with international logistics freight forwarders to deliver courier parcels overseas. International deliveries are costlier than domestic deliveries. The rates for international locations can vary from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 5,000 per parcel. The rates vary depending on the weight, country, and product you are shipping.

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Shiprocket provides the best cross-border shipping using multiple international courier partners at the best possible price. Through Shiprocket, the labels and schedule of pickups can be generated in a few clicks. For international courier service, Shiprocket enables a unified tracking experience throughout the order journey.


Courier companies provide the ease of delivering parcels from one location to another.  There are numerous courier companies, and this creates an ever-increasing competitive spirit. By understanding what factors affect professional courier charges, companies can avail the best courier services at the lowest prices. It is also important to remember that the selection of the courier partner for your eCommerce needs should be based on quality service and not on the cheapest option available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What factors are important while selecting a courier company partner for your shipping needs?

The important factors that need to be considered for selecting a courier company are reliability, on-time delivery service, documentation, and customer service.

What are the advantages of courier service?

Courier service ensures the collection and delivery of shipments to the customer in the shortest time possible. It is also a reliable and cost-efficient option that provides tracking services to keep track of your shipments.

How to calculate courier charges instantly in Shiprocket?

Shiprocket provides a quick courier charges calculator, easily available on the website, to instantly plan and estimate your shipments.

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