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How To Get the Proof of Delivery by India Post?

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

January 4, 2024

8 min read

The Indian Postal Services can essentially be a labyrinth and getting through it can be extremely difficult when you look at it for the first time. Even with several options and the rise of different private players in the market, Speed Post and registered post by India Post still shine as the most consistent and reliable delivery services. Speed Post is a premium service and it is one of the fastest courier services in the country. It has served for over a hundred years. Registered post is a secure mail delivery system. 

Speed Post while living up to its name also helps in making the businesses meet their consumer demands as quickly as possible. They ensure the deliveries are made with all the necessary documents as well. In this blog, you will read all about India Post’s services and how it works.

proof of delivery india post

The Process of Delivering Articles Through India Post

Here are the steps you must follow to deliver articles through India Post utilising the Speed Post or registered post service.

1. Booking a Delivery

We know that India Post is run by the Government of India and it has several post offices located in different parts of the country. With the influence of the Internet and technology, today, you can even schedule your delivery online through the India Post website. You will be required to purchase an envelope from the post office and place the deliverables inside it to deliver a package. After this, you will need to secure the envelope properly and mention the words “Speed Post”  or “Registered Post” on the top. The next step would be to write your name as well as address on the right side of the envelope along with the recipient’s details on the left. 

The weight of the package and its delivery destination are the two criteria that influence the cost of the Speed Post services. However, due to India Post’s well-established network and quick and secure delivery services, Speed Post is also a cost-effective solution.

2. Packing the Item

The right type of packing will ensure that the quality of the deliverables is not compromised and the safety of the parcel will be guaranteed throughout its delivery journey. India Post also provides their customers with a set of packing instructions which vary based on the type of parcel being shipped. For example, items that are delicate and fragile need extra padding during shipping and documents will need waterproof envelopes. 

3. Dispatching the Consignment

After packing, the parcel is sent for dispatch. This step entails the staff of India Post printing and fixing shipping labels and forwarding the courier for dispatch. Lastly, India Post collects the parcel from the booking office location and dispatches it to the nearest sorting office. Succeeding this stage, your tracking features will be updated and you will be able to check the status of your parcel. Real-time status collected using the unique tracking number will be provided for every parcel. The tracking number is a 13-digit alphanumeric sequence.

4. Organising Parcels

The organisation of parcels refers to the sorting phase. It is one of the most crucial phases of the delivery process. India Post has many sorting centers across the country to make this process more efficient. In this phase, the parcels are categorised based on their final delivery location. It is mainly an optimisation process, making deliveries quick and efficient. 

5. Transportation of the Parcels

Your parcel is sorted from the sorting centers and is finally bound to its final destination. The transportation phase is also called the transit phase. Based on the location and distance of delivery, India Post uses different modes of transportation for final delivery. Air, road, and rail are the most commonly used modes of delivery. 

6. Delivery

India Post is known for its extremely reliable and efficient door-to-door delivery services. Speed Post by India Post ensures that the parcel meets its final destination as quickly as possible. It is most suited for bulky and heavy items. Postmen are known to play the most crucial role in this stage. They go through several routes to ensure that parcels are delivered on time. A signature is needed from the receiver as proof of delivery. It gives an additional layer of security to this process. 

Proof of Delivery by India Post: What is it?

Proof of Delivery (POD) is a delivery receipt that ensures a consignee has received his delivery. It also ensures that the right parcel has been delivered. Proof of Delivery is provided for Speed Post and registered post only. It is a bill of confirmation and it is used when returns are involved after a parcel is delivered. In the simplest form of POD, the delivery agent will need a signature as authorisation from the recipient along with the date and time when the receiver gets their parcel. The proof of delivery also has the recipient’s address and description of the parcel to make identification easier.  

Why does proof of delivery (POD) matter?

Proof of Delivery is an essential portion of the sales and the supply chain process. It is also directly linked to the revenue generation processes. When a parcel leaves the India Post sorting center, proof of delivery is the document that gives end-to-end accountability between the two parties involved.

By understanding where and in whose custody the products are, proof of delivery (POD) serves the following purposes:

  • Ensures that the parcel is received by the right recipient
  • Help you identify where the errors and discrepancies have occurred in cases of missed and damaged deliveries
  • Aids in solving disputes against shipping claims

This POD gives the sender the right type of documentation that is necessary to complete and verify the order fulfillment and invoice precision. 

Benefits of Electronic Proof of Delivery (POD)

POD helps eliminate the chances of friction that can be created during the delivery process and after the delivery in cases of returns. Here are some of the major benefits of POD:

  • It eliminates the risk of manual paperwork
  • It streamlines all the workflows and boosts productivity
  • It maximises real-time visibility of tracking 
  • It optimises and betters the delivery experience
  • Drives operational and driver productivity
  • It also encourages sustainability and data-driven goals of the enterprise

How to Get Proof of Delivery?

India Post provides Proof of Delivery for only speed and registered posts. You can request the POD service for an additional charge during the time of booking any of the mentioned delivery methods.  The POD with the recipient’s signature and delivery date is returned to the sender’s address after successful delivery.

Applicable Charges to Get Proof of Delivery

The idea of signing for something is not new. The POD process goes back to the early 1800s. The value of PODs today goes far beyond collecting signatures. The POD is crucial to the sales and the SCM processes. All the accountability processes can be met with the POD document. A nominal charge is levied for Proof of Delivery (POD) and are as follows:

  • INR 10  per article for Speed Post
  • INR 3 per article for registered post

What to Do If You Don’t Get Your POD?

In case you have not received the Poof of Delivery after the estimated time, register a complaint on the India Post complaint portal. You will receive a photo of the delivery slip from the post office. You can take a print of it and use it as POD.


India Post provides their consumers with a simple and easy way to track the status of their parcels using a dependable and effective tracking service. Going through the entire delivery process, the tracking system ensures transparency and peace of mind by giving real-time updates. Moreover, Speed Post service is available at reasonable pricing, making it an easy and cost-effective option for people and businesses even if courier charges depend on criteria like the weight of the parcel and distance of delivery. 

When you think of quick and efficient delivery services that are dependable, India Post is still the leading agent due to its easy shipping options, tracking features, and affordable prices. Proof of Delivery (POD) is like a verification document that helps you in cases of returns and damage claims. Getting proof of delivery by India Post is rather easy, and you can easily request one by paying additional charges.

Are proof of delivery and proof of shipment different?

Proof of delivery confirms the receipt of shipment by the buyer. Proof of shipment, on the other hand, confirms that the seller has dispatched the goods to a shipping partner or carrier. However, it does not confirm delivery to the buyer.

What are the key elements of proof of delivery?

Proof of delivery contains several details, including shipper and customer details, order information, a list of goods in the shipment, barcodes or QR codes, delivery details, etc.

Are there different types of proof of delivery?

Yes, there are two types of proof of delivery. These include paper and electronic proof of delivery.

Are proof of delivery and a bill of lading different?

Proof of delivery is a receipt that confirms the delivery of goods to buyers. However, a bill of lading is an agreement between the shipper and carrier listing the complete shipment process from pickup to delivery of goods.

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