Delhivery Couriers – Shiprocket Carrier Integration

You can ship with Delhivery via Shiprocket, without having to build your own Delhivery API integration. Lowest shipping rates for Delhivery. Send couriers across India. Start shipping, no monthly fees required. Recharge & Ship now.

Delhivery is India’s fastest growing courier company and serves over 175 cities. It handles more than 90,000 shipments daily along with 15,00,000 SKUs.

Key Offerings

•  Serviceable Pin Codes: Over 13000
•  Cash on Delivery: Yes
•  Automated Tracking: Yes
•  Automated Pick-up Request: Yes
•  Customer Notification: Yes
•  RTO Support: Yes
•  Return Management: Yes
•  International Courier Facility: No

When shipping through Delhivery via Shiprocket, you not only get the lowest rates possible but also eliminate the process of dealing with negotiations and signing additional documents. Why? Because we do that for you and ensure that you get the best deals. You don’t have to build your own Delhivery API Integration. The platform comes pre-integrated with various sales channels, like Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, and more. No more hassle of technical integration. And, additional benefits like Shiprocket’s recommendation engine, smart order processing, and fulfilment flow help you save money and time.

Benefits for the Buyer

Faster Delivery: The buyers can be assured of faster delivery because of the carefully selected intelligent routes taken by the service provider. It builds trust and the buyers are likely to make a purchase again.
Easier Returns: The duration between the request and the pickup is kept short so that the customers do not have to wait for long. In addition, the customers can also specify their preferred time slot when they want the parcel to be picked up by the service provider.
Lower Costs: The cost is lower as the shipping charges are negotiated with utmost precision with the view of benefitting the clients. The route and carrier optimization on request enable the customers to make informed choices.
Better Tracking: The options available enable customers to easily understand the order statuses and makes tracking better with timely email and SMS notifications.
Effective Check-Out Conversion: The delivery dates are predictable which gives the correct information to the customers regarding the date of arrival of their orders. To ensure comfort, Delhivery also offers higher COD coverage and a reduction in stock-outs.

Benefits for the Seller (You)

Higher Serviceability: You can now reach maximum customers with maximum serviceable pin codes where easy pick-up, delivery, and Cash on Delivery options are available. You have a better chance of order conversion when you ship with Shiprocket because of its many accompanying features.
Reduced Effort: With amazing features like single-click automation and built-in workflows it becomes easier to operate the platform. Additional services like Multiple Sales Channel integrations with Inventory Management are an added plus.
Cheapest Rates: With Delhivery and Shiprocket you get options to ship faster with the help of optimal routes for the product delivery. In addition, we also offer the cheapest rates so that you can save more.
No Technical Knowledge Required: We ensure that you do not have to face the additional hassle of integrating the platform. Therefore, ShipRocket comes pre-integrated with multiple carriers and you can easily integrate demand channels in less than 5 minutes. It is user-friendly and can be operated without any prior technical/shipping knowledge. You can customise it according to your needs and use it with convenience.
Drop Shipping: You get the support for multiple vendors and warehouses located in different regions, making it more convenient for your orders to reach your customers.
Better Analytics: To understand your shipping performance better, you can refer to the fully featured dashboard with reports of orders and shipments, courier partners, and channels.

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