Reduce RTO Losses Up To 45%

Increase your profitability with RTO prediction, real-time notifications, WhatsApp communication & an automated NDR panel.

What Causes RTO?

Unaccepted Order

Customer Unavailability

Order Cancellation

Incorrect Address

Re-attempt Failure

Closed Premises

No More Turning Back

Keep moving forward with intelligent return order management.

Identify RTO Orders

Leverage an AI/ML based prediction model to detect orders that pose a high risk of RTO. Know More

Send Real-Time Updates

Notify your buyers at every stage by Email & SMS to improve your delivery success rate. Know More

Engage Via WhatsApp

Communicate automatically to verify address & capture cancellation before shipping. Know More

Process NDR Quickly

Use an automated dashboard to reduce your NDR processing time by 12 hours. Know More

Meet Shiprocket RTO Dashboard

Know everything about your RTO orders, customers, reasons & statuses.

Less RTO, More ROI

Make your investments return, not your orders. Improve your profitability with Shiprocket.

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Deliver Successfully With Shiprocket

Improve your delivery success rate with India’s #1 shipping solution.