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The high shipping costs can be a huge obstacle for a store owner and optimizing it is even bigger a task. While working with a single courier partner, it becomes testing for the eCommerce merchants to negotiate for lower rates. But, with ShipRocket’s partnership with all the leading courier services and the large volume of shipments processed daily, we manage to provide you with the lowest shipping and freight rates. We ensure that all our merchants get the best shipping rates across the globe, irrespective of which courier partner you select.

Thus, with ShipRocket, enjoy lowest shipping rates with a seamless experience. It doesn’t matter whether you fulfil a single order a day, or a thousand, you will always enjoy the same discounted rates with ShipRocket across all major courier services. Per our reports, we are helping our customers save on about 50% of their freight bills on an average. So, why wait? Save with ShipRocket instantly. Start Shipping!

Key Benefits:

1. The lowest shipping rates for every order that you process, across multiple courier partners.
2. The ability to select your choice of courier partner as per your requirement.


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