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Top Influencer Agencies: Enhance Your Strategy


Vijay Kumar

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

March 22, 2024

14 min read

In this digital age, every business aspires to increase its brand’s visibility and online presence to succeed in the competition. Reaching your target audience, nurturing relationships, driving engagement, and boosting your leads and conversions are not a challenge anymore. Yes, with influencer marketing, you can hit the spot! 

In this dynamic world of digitalisation, you need to stay updated with industry trends. This is what the best influencer agencies do for you. They will help you digitally communicate with your prospects at the forefront and establish a potent strategy to connect with your target audience. 

When influencers talk about your business, they are endorsing your products and services. Primarily, they signal their followers that it is a quality business and you can buy this product. In addition, the influencers also increase traffic on your website along with customer queries. Later, you can make the most of this opportunity by converting these leads into sales. 

In the upcoming years, there is predicted to be a global expansion of the influencer marketing sector. In 2023, it surpassed USD 21.1 billion, a significant rise over previous years.

This article lists the top 20 influencer marketing agencies for your easy research and selection. 

Why Influencer Marketing is Advantageous For Any Business?

Influencer marketing is beneficial for businesses in many ways. Some of them include:

  • Increases brand loyalty and reach
  • Crack new markets
  • Increase social media following, leads, and engagement
  • Strengthens your content marketing strategy
  • Boost the conversion rate
  • Level up your sales, repeat orders, and ROI
  • Ideal for all types of brands and businesses
  • Educate buyers about the product and influence their purchase decision
  • Get feedback on your product
  • Gain trust and credibility

Now, you know why implementing an influencer marketing strategy is indispensable for your business. The next step is to choose the best influencer agencies that will look for influencers aligning with your brand values and have a strong track record in delivering results. 

20 Prominent Influencer Marketing Agencies in 2024

Launching your brand in the Indian market becomes easy with these best influencer agencies. Let’s dive in to know all of them:

1. Shiprocket Amplify

Are you looking for top influencers to promote your brand? Look no further than Shiprocket Amplify. This influencer marketing platform has several packages to boost your sales.  The lowest package starts at just INR 5000 (Starter plan- 2 influencers having between 10k-25k followers) and goes up to INR 50,000 plan (High Growth plan- 20 influencers having between 10k-50k followers). You can choose the one as per your business requirements and budget. 

Give your brand the spotlight it deserves with Shiprocket Amplify by reaching and influencing more than 70 crore people with the right influencers. 

Unique Features

  • Allows you to choose from the top-rated influencers handpicked for your brand
  • It enables you to own complete rights to the content created and monetise it as per your requirements. 
  • It allows you to track and monitor your campaign performance in real time. 

2. Viral Nation

Viral Nation has mastered the winning formula for influencer marketing. You can fully trust this platform when thinking of increasing brand awareness by securing endorsements from top influencers. 

This agency has extensive experience creating influencer marketing campaigns in diverse niches, including beauty, retail, technology, fast-consumer goods, etc. This agency makes genuine and emotional connections with its audience by knowing their intent and creating action-inspiring content from reliable creators. 

Unique Features

  • Offer production services to support their clients’ creative content needs, such as writing, photography, and other artistic services
  • Its compelling marketing services include global activations, talent discovery and management, social amplification, and research and strategy
  • AI-powered social media technologies to empower brands

3. BuzzFame

BuzzFame is an incredible influencer marketing agency that has served 100+ brands by leveraging the power of over 1000 influencers. It is known for adopting a collaborative approach that emphasises prompt communication through influencer partnerships. This drives engagement and boosts conversions that often exceed a brand’s expectations.  

Unique Features

  • Ensures the brands are paired with the right influencers who resonate with their ethos and target audience. 
  • Its exclusive influencer hub includes a variety of competent influencers from different social media platforms
  • The platform helps you monitor and optimise campaigns with detailed analytics to enhance performance

4. Influencer.in

If you are searching for a reputable influencer marketing agency in India, your hunt is over with Influencer.in. This platform comprises a broad network of influencers with a considerable following and impact on social media platforms.

The agency is known for its strategic partnerships and for providing data-driven insights by creating end-to-end campaigns. It offers services in multiple sectors, such as beauty, lifestyle, food, fitness, technology, etc. 

Unique Features

  • Experts in branding and conversion campaign
  • Driving impact using product sampling, reach and frequency campaigns, and product placement

5. Chtrbox

Chtrbox is one of the leading influencer marketing agencies that works with reputed brands in India. The company has a record of boosting leads and sales of companies like Reliance Jewels, Dineout, Pepperfry, Flipkart, Jockey, and many more.  

The agency boasts a unique strategy to deploy influencers based on the brand’s objectives and audience. It uses 20 key data points that include relevance, authenticity, predictive performance, brand safety, and more to select the right influencers and ensure the best results.  

Unique Features

  • Automating influencer work-flows for speed and scale
  • Implements data-powered influencer strategy that makes the influencer loop measurable and delivers the best ROI for brands
  • Leverages the latest technology to build impactful content, campaigns, and desired outcomes. 

6. Vavo Digital

Vavo Digital is one of the best influencer agencies that aims to revolutionise the way to reach your target audience. Its diverse clientage is spread over different sectors such as finance, food, parenting, entertainment, and fashion and lifestyle. 

The agency strategically collaborates with nano and micro-influencers who connect with their client’s prospects at a deeper level, leaving a lasting impact.  

Unique Features

  • Its creators are spread over 20 categories 
  • It offers services, including deep campaign insights and intelligent metrics to evaluate campaign effectiveness. 

7. AJ Marketing

AJ Marketing is another excellent influencer agency with a network of 7,000+ influencers from India and other parts of Asia. This platform primarily provides services in sectors such as fashion, gaming, food, beauty, etc, and works towards increasing brand awareness and online visibility.   

Its top-notch English support for brands facilitates effective communication and nurtures leads into sales. You can easily launch your brand in the global market through this agency’s marketing strategy. 

Unique Features

  • Unleash a marketing strategy tailored to your brand needs
  • Seamless campaign monitoring and management 
  • Leverage the latest ad tech platforms

8. Ykone

Ykone is a global influencer agency headquartered in Paris but provides services in India (Bangalore), the United States, Switzerland, Dubai, Singapore, and other countries. The platform focuses on promoting brand recognition and increasing conversions through its digital content and influencer marketing strategies. 

It mainly works with fashion, luxury, and beauty brands. Some of them include Dior, L’Oreal, Marc Jacobs, Swarovski and many more. Ykone uses its proprietary software, Campaygn, to identify the audience, demographics, and intent. After analysing the user search intent, it adds additional information to the database for the top 5,000 influencers manually. 

Unique Features

  • Offers compelling services, including strategic audits, influencer briefing, forecasting, competitive benchmarking, art direction, and trend reporting.
  • Negotiating budgets with influencers to maximise your ROI
  • Streamline campaign management and measure performance

9. GoZoop 

Since 2008, GoZoop has been providing impeccable influencer marketing services across India and the Middle East. It is an independent integrated marketing group that manages the digital world for your brand and successfully addresses your target audience. 

The platform provides a range of digital marketing services along with influencer marketing. Some of them include social media marketing, search engine optimisation, content production, website development, and many more.  

Unique Features

  • Breaking the box with 300+ marketing experts across India and the Middle East 
  • Specialised in brand reputation management, search engine optimisation, and media planning & buying. 
  • Deploy robust strategies that work, such as business and brand consulting, campaign planning, product and consumer research, and branding and identity creation.

10. WhizCo

The list of best influencer agencies is incomplete without WhizCo. This agency has worked with 500+ brands and delivered astounding results. It boasts a wide network of more than 1,00,000 influencers having expertise in diverse niches and languages. 

This platform garners a significant reach and drives engagement with the help of marketing campaigns and innovative ideas. Besides influencer marketing, it offers services such as hashtag challenges, meme marketing, celebrity endorsements, and creative strategy. It has also generated 1.2 billion of reach after producing 3.5 million content ideas.   

Unique Features

  • WhizCo offers end-to-end campaign management services 
  • Offers innovative AR filter creation services to increase engagement
  • It creates shareable and relatable content that goes viral within days by leveraging trending memes

11. Confluencr

Confluencr is a trusted influencer marketing hub. It has provided marketing solutions to more than 400 brands, including KFC, Purple, IndMoney, Vedantu, UpStox, and many more. The platform garnered over 1 billion content views by executing 500+ brand campaigns.

It has a diverse pool of influencers providing services in numerous genres. The platform potently focuses on data analytics and measurement to maximise the impact of the marketing campaigns. 

Unique Features

  • Network in more than 15 countries, including India
  • Measure and analyse data, such as audience demographics and brand voice, to bring the desired outcome 
  • Drive organic traffic and convert leads into sales through strategic collaboration with influencers. 

12. The Media Ant

The Media Ant, one of the pioneering eCommerce platforms, provides the best solution to elevate your brand awareness. The platform is dedicated to media buying and was established to assist marketers in discovering non-traditional media online. 

However, later, the agency introduced its ‘Create Campaign’ dashboard, allowing users to buy media directly from their website. Now, they have also launched 12th Cross, a marketplace for marketing services, to expand their reach in multiple genres. 

Unique Features

  • Nurtures and helps businesses achieve strategic advantages and promote their brand
  • Identify the position, architecture, and statement of your brand and create a visual identity and a unique voice. 
  • Allows brands to create a stress-free experience in the industry by leveraging ad campaigns and increasing customer engagement. 

13. Moburst

One of the most renowned platforms across the globe, Moburst is helping companies to achieve hyper-growth and dominate their category. Some of the significant services offered by Moburst include influencer marketing, creative and content marketing strategy, organic brand awareness, media buying, and product and development. 

This platform has a team of experts who ensure seamless campaign briefing, real-time optimisation, and everything else that is required to make your brand stand out. It has also worked with popular brands including Pfizer, Samsung, Reddit, Uber, etc. 

Unique Features

  • Comprehensive weekly and monthly reporting
  • Provides social media marketing, user-generated content, talent management, and full-service production
  • Wide influencer network

14. Whisskers

Boosting your brand’s online visibility and converting more leads into real-paying customers become easy with Whisskers. The agency facilitates many brands to grow in their industry, such as education, infrastructure, retail, FMCG, etc. 

The company provides influencer marketing services in India, North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. Its team of influencer marketing experts caters to your brand’s target audience and develops strategies to elevate its organic traffic and, thereby sales. 

Unique Features

  • The platform provides digital consulting and SEO-driven growth 
  • Dedicated professionals help your brand with social media marketing and influencer marketing
  • Simulates the experience of online ad management across global platforms like Yahoo, Google, and Bing into one gamification platform. 

15. Grynow

Based in New Delhi, India, Grynow is one of the best influencer agencies that help brands leverage social media influencers’ content in marketing the product or service. Its dedicated team of experts devised a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy for over 1000 brands. 

The platform collaborates with influencers working in diverse niches such as fashion, food, healthcare, gaming, lifestyle, etc. Moreover, they also help brands to expand their audience reach, and generate more leads and conversions. 

Unique Features

  • Unite brands with top-notch influencers catering to their target audience
  • Content optimisation and compelling influencer campaigns 
  • Data-driven influencer recommendation

16. Voxxy Media

Voxxy Media is an award-winning influencer marketing agency and that too for a prominent reason. Its proficient team is competent in culling out quality campaigns in recorded time. Brands find this agency as a one-stop solution for end-to-end solutions across different genres. 

They primarily focus on creating an impact by shifting the narrative to result-based, data-backed storytelling. Besides India, the platform also spread its wings in the United States, Japan, and other countries. 

Unique Features

  • The agency has a 17M+ influencer network and has worked with 250+ brands while launching more than 3500 campaigns. 
  • End-to-end influencer campaign strategies
  • Pathbreaking creative solutions and best-in-class performance reporting

17. The Marcom Avenue

Do you aspire for your brand to bring meaningful experiences to life? The Marcom Avenue aims to become your brand’s voice and communicate it to the global target audience. Using the research insights, it curates original stories that appeal to the prospects and influence their purchase decision.

The platform has 20,000+ influencers ranging from vloggers, bloggers, celebrities to vernacular content creators. With this platform, numerous brands were able to leave a lasting influence on the audience.  

Unique Features

  • Produce measurable campaign results
  • Offers online and offline activation, branding, video production, technical services and more
  • Educate, inform, urge, and appraise their clients’ prospects directly or indirectly, whether it is a brand’s solution, product, or service. 

18. Influglue

One of the fastest-growing influencer marketing agencies, Influglue connects small brands or startups with creators who can enhance their brand recognition. It offers multiple services, such as influencer marketing, social media marketing, brand promotion, and content marketing. 

They provide measurable opportunities for businesses and organisations that want to drive more leads and convert them into customers. 

Unique Features

  • Technology-driven influencer marketing platform 
  • Strong emphasis on authenticity and openness in influencer marketing
  • Deliver measurable ROI

19. Third Eye Blind Productions

Initially, Third Eye Blind Productions started as a production house in 2016. However, it diversified into a digital marketing and talent management agency across 16+ countries. 

The platform offers end-to-end influencer marketing services and masters the process of creativity, allowing them to bring the desired outcome and fantasies to life. Moreover, its dashboard enables you to experience complete transparency, centralising everything into one location. 

Unique Features

  • Collaborate with top-notch Instagram and TikTok influencers 
  • Produce feature films, corporate films, documentaries, music videos, and photography campaigns. 
  • Provides services, including optimised content production, social media management, online advertising, SEO, and web PR. 

20. Izea 

Izea is a prominent influencer agency that connects brands with top influencers. Some of the leading brands it has worked with include T-Mobile, Yamaha, Kellogg’s, IKEA, etc. The agency has been in this industry for more than 17 years and has 3.9+ million influencer activations. 

It has a network of a wide variety of influencers in order to identify the ones that match their brand’s mission and goals. Izea also makes content production, campaign execution, and negotiating with influencers easy.  

Unique Features

  • Create virtual influencers for generative sponsorships 
  • Use AI for building creative logos and art that are visually appealing
  • Campaign monitoring and management


The current digital transformation and rapid change in consumer behaviour led to an incredible boom in influencer marketing. This is the list of the best influencer agencies that steal the show in India currently.  

Shiprocket Amplify is one of the best influencer agencies for all kinds of businesses. This marketing platform helps you elevate your brand with the most influential creators to reach millions of consumers, with the cost per reach being as low as 70 paise. The agency also projects your brand’s core values through relevant stories and develops strategies to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. 

Choose a suitable influencer marketing agency, like Shiprocket Amplify that maintains a potent relationship with your business and influencers to ensure the campaigns produce the desired results. 

1. Who is India’s highest-paid influencer?

Bhuvan Bam, Prajakta Kohli, and Kusha Kapila are the top 3 highest paid influencers in India.  

2. Who is India’s richest influencer?

Bhuvam Bam, with a subscriber base of over 26 million on the video streaming platform, is the richest influencer in India. 

3. How to find the right marketing influencer in India?

To vet influencers, start by analysing their engagement rates, audience demographics, content quality, and authenticity of their followers. Then, match them with your brand objectives. If you want to avoid conducting extensive research, then choose one of the best influencer agencies that will help you with onboarding the relevant influencer for your brand.  

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